Shokupan (recipe)

Based on a link from @ebethsdad in this thread:

@ebethsdad: question. Does this recipe turn out bread that’s similar to what you’d find in a Japanese sandwich, or it is more like a Hawaiian roll? Either one would be great, and her pics almost seem to show both from the same recipe…

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I haven’t been to Japan so I have to speculate. It turns out a soft, rich bread with an excellent flavor. I think the crumb is a little denser than an Hawaiian roll. Closest thing to it is a good pain de mie.


hawaiian roll recipes are usually much sweeter. I think it’s how she shaped it to pull apart like that.

Great looking bread in those pictures

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You can get Skokupan-type bread at most Chinese bakeries (i.e., JJ, Diamond, etc.). Certainly not as sweet as Hokkaido milk bread.

Yes, I know, this is home cooking. I suck. Sorry.


My main experience w/ (possible) Japanese milk bread is the sandwiches my dad would buy from Yaohan, of which I was not particularly fond. So having another bread option (esp one I can just buy) is not a bad thing… :slight_smile:

Ipsedixit -

I love the white bread at Kee Wah Bakery and have thought it would be perfect for making sandwiches for a formal afternoon tea. (So you see - it is cooking related!)

Okay, I did a fast internet search and found this recipe. In addition to adorable pictures of her toddler, she explains why the cooked base works.

Still a bit challenging to me (the shaping scares me, though I roll biscuits so how very different is that?) But she’s broken it down well for a stand mixer and, the type of yeast I use.

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