Short-trip to Vegas for a wedding...need one budget-friendly foodie spot

I’m coming to town for a friend’s wedding next month, and need one budget-friendly foodie spot to hit up. We arrive into town late Friday night/early Saturday morning, and are staying downtown (wedding convenience). The wedding is Saturday night, and we’re leaving town around 10AM Sunday. Is it too much to try to fit something in during the breakfast to late lunch hours on Saturday? One of my traveling companions is on a budget, so I’d like to keep it to about $50 per person (not including tax and tip). Any cuisine will do. We’re from L.A., so we can skip out on any spots with L.A. connections or locations.

i’ll throw in the obvious, lotus of siam


I am currently addicted to Flock and Fowl for their poached hainan chicken. $10 and their ginger scallion sauce is tasty.

Also, EAT in downtown has really good breakfast. I really liked their pancakes. Wait may be a turnoff as it is very crowded on the weekends, especially breakfast time and they stop serving it at a certain time. I also had a good meal at Glutton across the street. Had a smoked chicken pasta that was quite tasty and their burger is pretty tasty.

And one place that John Curtas raves about is Carson’s Kitchen. I have never been, but I have heard good things about it.

The downtown area has a bunch of good restaurants in and around Carson street. The container park has a good spot too but the name eludes me.

But I really want some hainan chicken. It is the one dish I crave the most from Vegas. I usually grab one as a late snack. On my next trip, I am putting some in a cooler and taking them back. Hahaha. Hours are odd and last time I went too late and they sold out of the poached version. :expressionless:


Good call… Lotus of Siam is one of the best Thai places in the US!

Bring a cooler for extra entree’s…good for late night…perfect hangover food…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Milos at Cosmo for lunch 3 course for $20.16…
Tacos el Gordo
Payard’s at Caesars …see if they have 3 course lunch for $20+
Vegeway…vegan drive - thru

Oyster bar at Palace Station for their pan roasted shrimp/lobster creole…OC owner but I crave this like homeboy A5K, on that Hainan chicken…:tongue:


How is Milos these days? I may need to return for a visit.

For $20+ 3 course lunch, you can’t go wrong…
Its been awhile but friends have been early this year and stated it was fab
Bardot French Bistro is another good call…

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Thanks for all of your suggestions! We ended up trying Pizza Rock downtown (and across the street from our hotel), Hash House A Go Go, and Milos while we were in town. Pizza Rock was fantastic…some of the best pizza I’ve had in quite some time…chewy crispy crust with great toppings. The salads here are a bit overdressed, though. We met friends for breakfast and the fried chicken Benedict called my name. My husband had the massive chicken and waffles. I never finish my food when I come here…I should just split it with someone. Lunch at Milos on the Strip was perfect…I particularly enjoyed the octopus. Only managed to take two photos while we were here.

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I love the fried leeks that come with the chicken and waffles.

Last time we were in San Diego, we went to Hash House. We ended up giving our leftovers to an extremely grateful park “resident”.

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