Show us your pandemic Thanksgiving spread

Hi gang,

Sorry I’ve been a bit more scarce lately. It’s been busier at work - Too busy, unfortunately…

Though I will do my darndest, there remains a chance this year that I may not make it home from work in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Can you guys post your Thanksgiving dishes on this thread so that I may vicariously enjoy it through your lenses? I’ll try to post my crappy hospital cafeteria turkey plate (if time permits), but I’m pretty sure that it’ll pale in comparison to what y’all will be enjoying.

Stay smart, and stay safe.


No photos yet, but we got a pandemic bonus: paid for an 11-pounnd bird and got a 15.

I think this is the first heritage bird we’ve gotten where we know the specific breed rather than an unspecified one of several.


i made dinner for the homeless last night. the pasadena police told us a couple of months ago we could not serve dinner in the park without a health permit, and that no permits were going to be issued. so we set up a portable table on the sidewalk. instead of turkey, i went with chicken baked on a bed of apple/persimmon stuffing with kale salad, mashed potatoes, corn & gravy finished with pumpkin pie w/whipped cream. it was well received.


curious to hear your review of the heritage turkey


I will try and post something from our scaled down, socially distanced, outdoor dinner with two family members outside our household, but I do know what we are thankful for – frontline workers like you putting yourselves at risk to care for others, and people like secretasianman making sure that those who are all too often forgotten and passed on the street without a second thought, are acknowledged and cared for, in a way that should remind all of us of our obligation to help others. I won’t violate board rules by soliciting for particular organizations, but there are plenty out there who would welcome our time and financial contributions. Many thanks for all you do.

Now, on to making pies!


What rule?

Well then:

Did not want to deviate from food talk, but…

Very appreciative of this board and the community it fosters – focus on food, but occasional strays into related areas. So not Chowhound, and so much better for it.


This cream of mushroom soup has cremini, shiitake, maitake, shimeji, and King oyster mushrooms. Fortified with sherry and turkey stock…from the bird I roasted Saturday. This will be used to make green bean casserole that the spouse dislikes, but I love.
We did Thanksgiving early to accommodate the health care schedule.
Thanksgiving Day will be spent enjoying leftovers, green bean casserole, and vegetable and turkey soup.


Save the turkey bones and a little meat for some turkey Chao

That sounds like the most delicious cream of mushroom ever! I haven’t had a casserole I didn’t like. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


@J_L thanks for taking care of the community and all your hard work. In appreciation for you and your request I took a lot of pictures.

Started off with a muscadet from Kermit Lynch around 10:30am.


The meats missing picture of the smoked sausages

Side dishes

Korean spicy squid stew

The table and first plate

My friend brought us this cheese plate unexpectedly

Pies in a few hours. Happy Thanksgiving.


That looks AMAZING!!! The cheeseboard is art.

We ordered Pasjioli and will be taking it out of the fridge in a few hrs…

Good luck to you today, @J_L. Hope things are slow for you (and for city).


Dinner and Dessert tonight. Plus a side of frozen veggies. Happy Thanksgiving!

If I was back home it would be Qingdao Bread Food, Hui Tou Xiang, One One, You Kitchen, and Meet Fresh


My rule when hosting or cooking for Thanksgiving is to make sure we have everything that any guest needs to feel the menu is complete. Since for the first time in 40 years it’s just the two of us, it’s the three things I care about—turkey, rolls, and pumpkin pie—plus dressing, mushroom gravy, and my sweet potatoes. Apparently neither of us cares about mashed potatoes (I thought that was the whole point of gravy), creamed onions, or cranberry glop. To to balance the meal a little we’ll also have some green beans, but any green vegetable would do.


Thanksgiving at the Jetsons.


I feel like I’m having dinner at the wrong house. Fantastic spread, @js76wisco!

The stock cooked for about 24 hours before I thought of adding the vegetables. This is dinner tonight with fresh baguettes from Boulangerie Pierre in Garden Grove and some Rodolphe Le Meunier butter.

My day drinking has commenced. Pineapple cococane and with less ice and then spiked (at home) with a lime vodka and a pineapple rum.


Is this the first ever cheese board featuring SPAM musubi? What great friends!



I’m pretty sure its the first time I’ve seen spam musubi in a cheese plate too. What a generous friend and a beautiful cheese plate. So much food.


Turkey, dressing and green beans. 1 of each done gluten free. Dressing is standard bread, sausage, etc. but brings back great memories of Mom. Have more sides heating up…


Homemade khao soy and moo manao, with beer and Americanos to wash it down. Only thing missing is that spiked Cococane @attran99 great idea! Happy 4th Thursday in November, all.