Shunji Pick-Up

Deluxe Bento

Almost like being there. Loved it all, especially the bamboo, ikura, grilled fish, crab ball and nigiri with hand grated wasabi.

If you are thinking of it, do it soon: how long fish and other vendors will be able to supply them is a big, open question.


Is that just ikura straight up?

Yes. Well, marinated in sake and other secret potions.


Had to snag a bento for dinner last night, it was sooooo good. I don’t know if it’s cuz I’ve been eating food at home all week, but the nigiri was insanely good. Neta / Shari ratio was perfect. Ate it in my car just a few minutes after they were made. Seriously perfection.


I did Deluxe Bento last night. Raced home to eat it!
Both nigiri and small bites were amazing!
My family is asking me if we could do this again tonight!


Hate to be that guy and ask, but are they using gloves when making the sushi by hand?

Also, is there a menu with these or is it just for those in the know to order over the phone?


This is insane how these sushi restaurants are knocking it out with the takeout!!!

I am tempted to treat myself to this bowl, the 10 piece and cut maki, and then head over to SGO to finish it off with the futomaki.

Hey I am on the front line of this C19


You are doing God’s work.


Thank you there is a lot of us around the world working non-stop. Scientists, doctors, nurses, first responders, goverment employees and other hospital employees. We only ask to please stay home so we can get this under control. Our health is at risk but also this has effected a lot of other industries and their livelyhood. We will come out of this stronger I know we can!

Just ordered the maguro toro don at Shunji (no more 10 piece and cut maki) and the futomaki at SGO.


Hi @skramzlife,

Nice! :slight_smile: What was your favorite piece?

Definitely the blue fin and also I believe it was Kohada? (the other picture I posted)

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Looks like Spanish Mack

Aji is actually horse mack(eral) and sometimes jack mack(eral)

Sawara is Spanish mack(eral) or Japanese Spanish Mack(eral)

I thought Aji was Spanish Mackeral first but lots of sushi chefs have unintentionally and with the best of intentions made mistakes in getting the right English naming conventions down too, some due to fish company perhaps.


Hi @beefnoguy,

Yah I learned that late as well. These days if I report back on a place, I’ll honor the itamae and list the Japanese name and whatever English name they call it, and many places still introduce Aji as “Spanish Mackerel.”

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On the way here I still see lots of people golfing it up on that course on Pico and on Beverly people lining up for ice cream. My friend also saw groups of people at the beach while driving thru PCH. College kids going down to Florida for spring break.

Honestly f you. What will it take? Stay home. It’s bad enough that we ate running low on ppe. It’s bad enough that we are seeing people get desperate…preying on innocent for their supplies. Please be careful when shopping, be aware of your surroundings. Secretly I am hoping things get shutdown completely because no one listens. Who’s gonna save you when our firefighters, emts, paramedics, doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses are also sick and quarantined…or worse.

On the other hand Shunji and SGO were so grateful and appreciative.

Sorry for the rant I need to express this energy somehow.


I hear you @JeetKuneBao. While picking up supplies yesterday, we noticed a ton of cars jammed at the end of the 10 West at Santa Monica Beach, with surf boards, beach bikes on their cars.

Also for day 1 of our stay at home this past week my friend noticed a local coffee shop, jam packed with people on their laptops, probably leeching the free WiFi. But that totally defeats the purpose of stay at home. :frowning:


Or even just 6 ft away. I don’t mind waiting in line at a grocery store that’s limiting the number of people who can go inside (as they should). What I mind are people who f*ck it up for everyone else by not keeping a big space around them, when there’s no reason not to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gawd, don’t even get me started on that. I see people driving around w/ masks and gloves INSIDE THEIR CAR. Seriously, what do you think you’re protecting yourself from???

Back on topic… Maybe I’ll try Shunji this coming week, if it’s still available. :slight_smile:


@JeetKuneBao what’s the difference between being out and about picking up food from a myriad of places vs being outside for exercise (albeit practicing safe social distancing)?

Many people have children that have been cooped up for a week and need to get out for a little bit just to preserve household sanity and I would argue that exercise and activity is verybimportant to each person’s wellbeing and not contrary to the shelter in place orders placed by the governor.

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I have no problem if people would follow the safe distancing rule. And you need to be vigilant with what you touch and encounter. I would not be hanging around all day and night obviously. Do what you gotta do quickly. It’s a risk every time you go out though

From what we know, children are not getting hit hard with this (Thank God), but they can be asymptomatic carriers unknowingly affecting our vulnerable. We have to think of the greater community. I know it’s hard, but do your best.

Keep your distance and enjoy your walks.

But what I saw and what others saw were people ignoring this distance.

Edit: I’ll have to read the Governors order more in detail carefully but please respect it for now, which is only essential travel (food, gas, hospital, etc)