Siem Reap (Long Beach) Closing EoM

Hello FTC’ers,

So I finally tried Siem Reap for the first time, which has only been a bookmark for 4-5 years now…and it’s a good thing I did because the girl working there informed me that this family-owned and operated business will be closing at the end of the month.

Apparently, they’re just tired of running a restaurant.

That said, I was informed that they’ll still operate a kitchen in some capacity, so while a walk-in, dine-in restaurant will not be available much longer, Siem Reap may be contacted via cell phone (NOT landline–that will be disconnected soon) for to-go orders and catering.

I was a little fuzzy on the details despite trying to ask some clarifying questions, but for all you Khmer cuisine lovers, the next week and a half is it to get your fix, at least from Siem Reap!

i ate there back in early september and the notice suggested that they were moving to texas. i guess they had a change of heart. the only other thing i remember is that their menu didn’t include prices so lunch for 2 ran something like $23pp with charges like $1.50 for rice pp and the fish amok price being ‘seasonal’, and the fried intestines being almost twice the price of the same order at golden lake eatery in chinatown - and rice AND a big bowl of soup was included in the order at golden leaf. i can say that i ate there and had what was hopefully an authentic version of fish amok anyway but at those prices i wasn’t going to make a big effort to return.

Yeah, their menus are pretty difficult to read/navigate, but their website has a takeaway version that’s a lot more user-friendly and includes lunch specials: Front / Back

I ordered the “French Style Beef Salad (Beef Anchovy)” and the “Cambodian Pork Stew w/Chicken Eggs (Caw)” items.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes. I might try to return once more before they close for good.

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hmmm. we were not offered any menu featuring lunch specials. glad you enjoyed your meal, but i am not motivated to try and return within the next 10 days

Siem Reap closing covered here on FTC over 2 weeks ago by a regular.

Search is your friend.

Thanks; I guess I didn’t notice the description under the December Rundown Thread when I did, in fact, search before posting.

It’s all good!

Totally sucks to lose such a stalwart in the community.

Yes, their kitchen will still be in operation after they close the doors…at least until they find a buyer. They just can’t afford to stay open day in and day out with such low traffic coming through.

Any orders made will take a bit of time as the current owner runs a limo service on the side. You call him and then he calls the cooks in to start making your food.

I’m looking at going in there next week to check some things out and get some more info.

There’s a business idea in here somewhere.

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actually the person who used the run that cuban place in pasadena (the name escapes me) does that now. they closed down,but during the holidays - he’ll take orders for cuban style turkey with rice, beans, plaintain which he apparently makes at home.

that sounds really friggin good. thanks for the reminder! 2 more weeks!

It was really good…julienned red onions, sliced black olives, chilis, anchovy sauce (fish sauce?), and french-sliced beef.