Silk Squash and Shrimp XLB (not DTF) and taro desserts?

Hi FTCers,

I’m a big fan of Silk Squash and Shrimp XLB. DTF has it, though the batch I had from Arcadia was no es bueno. Anywhere else in SGV or West side that has decent or better renditions?

Had the taro dessert XLB at DTF NorCal the other night and loved it to bits. I also love the taro dessert from Seafood Palace (Chiu Chow style) in Rosemead/Temple City. Any other outstanding taro based desserts in LA/SGV?

Thaaaaanks :slight_smile:

Shanghai Dumpling House has Shrimp XLB with pork, however.

But the thing to get there, if you go, is the salty egg yolk with pork XLB. Sort of like what a mooncake should taste like.

When you speak of silk squash, do you okra (or Chinese okra)?

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Thanks Ipse!!! The salted egg yolk one certainly is interesting!

Silk Squash is how DTF interprets it in English. My gut tells me it should be 絲瓜 / Si Gua, at least that is the version I’ve had in NorCal (non DTF).

DTF I think writes it as 青瓜 for the Glendale location from Yelp pics, but that’s cucumber :-o Maybe that’s why it was dry…

Just looked at the Yelp pic menu of SDH. Looks like it’s shrimp only version?

The only Westside taro dumplings that come to mind are the taro dumplings at ROC Sawtelle (filling is good, but I find the wrapper skin to be paper-y).

BUT my favorite taro ANYTHING in SoCal right now is the delicious ‘fresh taro milk’ at the tucked away BobaLab in Santa Monica (Yes, a boba store. Yes, in Santa Monica.) - Fresh milk with fresh (and they’re not kidding - when they say fresh, I mean fresh) taro. No boba, no tea component, no crappy artificial taro taste. Just heavenly… Parking is an utter disaster there (2 spaces in the alleyway), but it’s well worth the effort.

Aside from the Westside, Capital Seafood (Atlantic & Garvey in Monterey Park) had a great Teochew style taro dessert pudding with ginkgo a few years back. That was terrific, too.


888 Seafood in Rosemead also has great taro desserts.

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Thanks for the info!

Is it cow’s milk (and do you know if there are other dairy options)? I love fresh taro shakes, but my digestive system and non-boiled cow’s milk aren’t friends… :frowning: Not clear from the website or FB page. May have to check it out myself… :wink:

Just take some Beano before you go. :slight_smile:

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That ain’t gonna be enough… :wink:

Pretty sure it has pork in it. At least it did as of a couple of weeks ago.

As to taro desserts, I’m sort of a big fan of the warm grass jelly sweet taro dessert with almond pudding at Blackball. Basically go into a sugar coma afterwards. But that’s ok. #BecauseTaro


Love that Blackball.

Cool, thanks. Was hoping to find the silk squash+shrimp combo elsewhere. Though I have to say I like the pork and shrimp spicy wontons at DTF.

Thanks for the tip on Blackball!! Hopefully it blows away Meet Fresh in Irvine, that place was horrible, and sadly the chain location I went to in Taipei (not flagship) was not so good either.