Silver Lake

In searching for a place to go for lunch in Silverlake I’m realizing there isn’t a dedicated thread. :thinking: So I’m starting one. What are your favorite places?

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all day baby
burgers never say die


Tsukemen at Silverlake Ramen.

Milk tea and chicken sando at Daybird


Maury’s Bagels
Boo’s Cheesesteaks
Ricky’s Fish Tacos
Magpie’s Soft Serve :wink:



I don’t want to make this a vegetarian friendly thread but do you have any favorite vegetarian friendly spots? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pine and Crane has good vegetarian options


Bé Ù is great.

Botanica too, though they’re only open for weekend brunch besides dinner now, so not sure if you’re trying to go during a weekday or not.


Pho Cafe or Sweetfin, maybe.

You could also pop down sunset to Echo Park for Konbi, Honey Hi, Super Rich.

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Pine & Crane
Wat Dong Moon Lek (hipster- / vegetarian-friendly Thai)

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I will also recommend Pine and Crane.

Lots of vegetarian options!

The cold appetizers.

There is at least one dumpling that is vegetarian, usually a squash or pumpkin with shiitake, and glass noodles.

Mapo tofu.

3 cup mushroom.

Dan Dan Noodles.

Eggplant with Thai Basil.

Scallion Pancakes.

Be sure to ask what Chinese greens they have fresh from the farm. The owners family grows them! Sweet potato leaves, and dragon whiskers are a must if they have them. Get any of them or 2! The greens are cooked simply with garlic and some salt.

There you go! It’s not a Chinese vegetarian place like Happy Family but there is enough on the menu that makes it very vegetarian friendly! Enjoy! Report back with pics please.

It will not weigh you down and it’s cooked very light in comparisons to food from the Mainland. In general we like to use less oil, heavy on the garlic, and scallion, a little sweet and a little umami. That’s if I have to generalize Taiwanese food vs Mainland food. Of course we enjoy a variety of regional cuisines from different parts of China. Noodles and rice dishes are equally loved in Taiwan and amongst Taiwanese.


I like the fish bowls at Osen Izakaya.

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Thanks All!

It looks like Pine & Crane has the most votes for this particular outing. Coinkydinkally, my lunch companion and I have been wanting to go to P&C together. Hope it’s not too long a wait on Sunday.

There are a few interesting spots posted that I haven’t heard of and a couple like Bé Ù that I’ve been wanting to try. Unfortunately, some places in the area still seem to be takeout only. Hard to tell because fast-casual places rely on online activity and don’t like to answer their phone. :smirk:

I’ll report back!


A bang bang with Needle would be perfect!

Sorry not sorry I couldn’t resist lol


LOL! I think a bang bang with BNSD will be on my husband’s agenda after P&C!


The almond jello at Needle for dessert after Pine and Crane and BNSD would be perfect!

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Question about Needle. Are they still Siu Yeh only? No to-go? I don’t see any information about ordering for pickup on their website and of course they don’t list their phone number. :smirk:

Correct. No to-go.

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I just had this exchange with them on IG. :partying_face:


Before we start bum-rushing Needle I just got this cautionary side note. :sweat_smile:

Either way no almond jello on Sunday. :cry: