Silverlake Ramen has opened on Third Street Promenade

I was headed to the AMC Theatre on Third Street in Santa Monica planning to try the new Sumo Dog in the Gallery on the way, when I saw that the newest Silverlake Ramen branch had just opened next door. I had never been to the ones on the Eastside, so I took a little detour to try it. My brother had raved about Silverlake so I thought I would check it out.

Service was friendly, there were no lines, so I ordered at the cashier and took a seat at the bar. The Classic I ordered was $13 and included a nicely boiled egg and a good chunk of pork belly. I found the broth really flavorful, tho the portion was a bit small, and Iā€™m a very light eater. There was no garlic, onion or spice to add to the broth, but I thought, tho the extras would have been nice, the broth tasty enough without extras. It is rather light compared to other heavier broths.

I found it a good option for the Westside, especially in Santa Monica. They also have a tsukemen option which I will try later.

I did go to Sumo Dog next door and rather enjoyed the messy and over the top Katsu Dog, a weiner coated in katsu flakes and deep fried, topped off with green onions and cabbage, along with furikake tater tots. A little steep at $13 total (9 for the hot dog), but fun to eat.