Simone by Jessica Largey Opening on 9/20

Credit to @Srsly:

Eater is reporting that Simone of Jessica Largey, former CDC of the *** Manresa, is finally opening on 9/20 in the Arts District!

Reservations are open on Resy and I have tentatively put down a reservation on opening date. I’ve also called to inquire about their menu and was told that menu should be up shortly after some final tinkers.

As far as chef’s table goes, I didn’t see any options on Resy. I was told that I was the first person to ask but they have no idea how it works as far as format and price point goes, so they’ll call me back once they find out the details from the chef.

Exciting times!

Update #1: Got a call from the restaurant telling me that chef’s table won’t be ready on opening night but they’ll let me know once they figure out the menu, price point, availabiilty…etc…


Pretty exciting times indeed.

Can’t wait to see the menu.

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I’ll be going to a preview on Sunday at the chef’s table, will report.


Hook it up and I’ll pay for my own meal? :sunglasses:

Rez made (within first week). We’ll see…

Timeout has an article which mentions that the chef’s counter will feature a 6 course tasting menu.

FTC buyout? Seats 6.

Pencil me in unless it’s an unusual high price for a 6 course or barring the off chance that it’s a vegan menu!

Gonna just try to simply hit the place on my own before doubling down on a Chef’s Table night. It is a new place, after all…

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The restaurant never did call me back to give me updates on the chef’s counter (maybe they didn’t have any updates?), but Black Widow, War Machine, Capt’n 'Murica, Mantis, Korg, Aunt May, and Kevin Fergie sure looked like they enjoyed the food.

The plot to overthrow Thanos by the Avengers started here at Simone. Mark my words.

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Anyone going tonight?

Here’s the menu!

While I truly hope this is yet another outstanding addition to the LA dining scene, given all of the hype, that menu (to me) does not read as particularly inspired.

I know, I know, there’s no reason to judge until tasting. Am only pointing out my thoughts that, sure, it sounds good, but nothing leaps out as truly creative.

Very curious to read the reports from the board as they start to trickle in.