Slab BBQ - Fairfax

I can hardly wait to try those spareribs.

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Seriously? This neighborhood is coming up finally with some fresh food options

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And Uovo, HiHo, Kazunori to open on Wilshire and Fairfax in the spring.


whaaa? really? cool ! what are the last 2/3 things? where? guessing by lacma?

where is uovo opening up?

i believe all three (Uovo, Hi Ho Burger, Kazunori) are opening up on the corner of WIlshire and Crescent Heights called Vision on WIlshire per Eater’s article.


gnarly thanks for info

HiHo is a tasty burger joint next to Uovo. Kazunori is Sugarfish’s handroll bar. I’ll take all three as worthwhile options in this area.

Since we complain about Eater not giving us props sometimes, I guess I should return the favor:


Oh. Chainzzzz. Great. Excitement subsiding

But. They might survive for more than 3 monthzzz.

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I feel about Texas BBQ like @Porthos felt about Animal Restaurant being just fat on fat on fat. It’s smoke on smoke on smoke. And this article about Slab goes in depth about everything, but only mentions that they have housemade bbq sauce for the meats. Well, I hope so. This is also typical of Texas Q - sauce is an afterthought and generally not that good. Is Phillip’s considered Texas Q? Because I love their sauce and I’m not typically a vinegar based sauce kinda’ gal. But then again, they’ve been open for decades, so. Anyway, I get it and agree, if the meat is really good there’s no need for sauce, but…

Yes, yes, I am in the minority about this and probably don’t know wtf I’m talking about. But, I ask, is this really BBQ or is it smoked meat?

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Can I answer that with a song?

Okay so maybe I was just looking for an excuse to post that :wink:


Texas-style is often not very smoky as barbecue goes.

Barbecue is cooked low and slow with indirect or very low heat from wood. Its smokiness varies depending on the design of the smoker and the kind of wood.

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Any way to see that LAT article without the paywall?

average food should fail and fail hard. we have plenty of good options and i dont mind watchin them shut down. there are multiple candidates in the area right now .

Try an incognito / private browser window, or if you’re on a desktop try a phone. Sometimes if you Google a headline you’ll get a link to an Amp cached copy.

True, all three are chains, but in the same breath, the food at all three are chow-worthy.


Got it! :sweat_smile:

No paywall required for Eater :slight_smile:

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