Slauson Bang Bang: Los Guichos, Mamas, and Woodys

First up is Tacos Los Guichos, on weekends they do carnitas, D.F. style.

Pretty damn good. Second to El Momo, but better than the El Momo I had at Smorgs. For some reason El Momo in South Central with the 3 generations of Acosta men, tasted so much better, one of the best meals of my life, with Grandson Acosta kept giving me samples of this and that and sharing a table and beer with some OG’s from Echo Park.

But back to Los Guichos. Got the mix, the surtida. I couldn’t tell you what’s goes in, but it was very tasty. Nice salsa bar with multiple sauces, limes, freebies, etc. They were also offering birra tacos with free consommé. At night they do have the al pastor spit. Solid outfit, I would come again.


Mamas Chicken.

If you are on a schedule, call in your order!
They are famous for their chicken in tube form, patty form, and fried.

Got the chicken sausage biscuit with cheese, 2 of them.

The chicken sausage was mildly spiced and moist. I notice quite a few customers buying boxes of sausages. The cheese was nicely melted. The biscuit…hmmm it was more soft and conforming, not flakey as you would expect in a typical biscuit. But hey it works. The pies looks tasty out by the register, but I am a sucker for pecan pie.



Not much of a line, but I think the whole neighborhood was out further north for Taste of Soul.

Got the combo dinner. Beef links, beef slices, and pork ribs. Mixed sauce. Beans and Potato Salad for the sides. They do have greens, yams, and mac and cheese for sides but you can’t get them with the combo, and if I am getting that trifecta I mind as well go to Dulans.

I loved the links and slices. I wish I had some more white bread to make sandwiches out of them.
Unfortunately the ribs were average, not fall off tender with not much smoke infused.


Also just to add:

Spotted a barbacoa stand on Hoover, that had quite the line with lots of families. A pollo cabron stand a little further on the opposite side. The Slauson Tracks has a lot of street food, most of these places are not well known by Yelpers/media. I was also tempted by Louisiana Fried Chicken, but I was beginning to feel the itis


I think the links in their BBQ sauce is what Woodys does best :kissing_smiling_eyes:.

Oh no you di’int.

Is Woody’s the same place that used to be on the corner of Sepulveda and Berryman? My in-laws lived right around the corner for many years.

Hi @Midlife - Jeet can correct me if I’m wrong. But I think it’s the Woody’s on Slauson a couple miles above (west of) Crenshaw. There are a few locations.

The one I mentioned closed years ago. I’m asking if it’s the same company. I didn’t know they had multiple locations. Used to find their BBQ sauce in supermarkets here in OC but haven’t noticed it for a while. I think ur was called “bone sucking sauce” IR something like that.

I don’t know. Here are the locations for the Woody’s I know.
I didn’t know the Bone Sucking Sauce was a Woody’s creation. I think you can still get it at Wholefoods.

This is my favorite jarred sauce, also at WF. I like the honey sauce. But if you like a more vinegary sauce the rib sauce will do… or mix them.

Happy BBQ eating!

I may be mistaken about the Bone Suckin’ sauce being Woody’s, but I do know Woody’s has a BBQ sauce that I bought in markets.

Sweet. I’m going to try to find that. If it’s the same Woody’s, I love that sauce. Thanks!

It’s looking like it’s NOT related, but it was good stuff nonetheless.

But it’s a SoCal company so their could be a past history. Interesting.

I Think I do remember another Woody’s.

Is this your Woody’s? It was on Sepulveda & Berryman.

Woody’s Smorgasburger. The Culver City location, above, was the first Woody’s, opening in 1956. (Credit: Old Los Angeles Restaurants website)

Yes. That’s right where I said it was. Closed many years ago.

Ahhh… food mystery solved.

There used to be a Woody’s in El Segundo on Sepulveda as well. I think the building is still there but it closed a while back as well.

I recall going to the CC Woody’s as a kid. The kick for me was their burger. I think it was “char-grilled,” if I remember, and you could order it with peanut butter. The peanut butter option was pretty left-field for being back in the 60s-70s.

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Hi @Midlife -

If you don’t find your Woody’s BBQ sauce, I saw Bone Sucking Sauce at Wholefoods the other day.

Happy BBQ-ing!

I feel like a fool

Woodys and Philipps both use links from here:

Those Pete’s links with sweet-spicy BBQ sauce. That is some damn good eating.

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And Harold and Belles and Marilyn’s Soul Food and JNJ all use Petes

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