Smitten Ice Cream - NoCal transplant, smoothest silkiest ice cream I've had

Just tried Smitten Ice Cream in El Segundo. Smoothest, silkiest ice cream yet. Nitrogen churned to order.

I recollect reading about it a few years ago, home made ice-cream contraption hauled around on a radio flyer in SF.

Highly recommended.


It is great.

Geez, just found this site.

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Welcome! New poster buys a round.:wink:


Now THAT, my friend, is the BEST idea I’ve heard in a VERY long time. :slight_smile:


I find the giant tank of liquid nitrogen in the shop in Oakland disturbing, not comfortable being in the same room.

N2 is non-flammable, although I suppose the tank could explode if the pressure relief valve stops working for some reason. How does Smitten compare to other liquid nitrogen ice cream (Creamistry, Ice Cream Lab, etc)?

@WesSabi :smirk: Didn’t realize its a similar technique as Creamistry etc. I’ll have to check out Smitten’s competitors.

Best liquid nitro ice cream is at à la minute

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Highly recommend Creamistry French Vanilla made with organic Strauss cream. The problem is that it is very pricey. Four servings ends up being around $35. Yeezus.

But yeah I agree with the nitrogen ice cream having amazing texture. I’ll have to give Smitten a try when I’m in the area.

do i have to

you guys are on insane budgets

Rick paper scissors then.

Not all of us.

If you find a worthy, cheap ice cream, post it there. And then buy us some.



Pretty sure Quenelle is the QPR champion @$4.25 for a 2 scoop regular.



D’oh - stupid keyboard.

Keyboard: “Stupid user.”


Think “Terminator 2”. :slight_smile:

Smitten > Creamistry

Nice, I’ll have to try it out. How is their vanilla?