Smoked mackerel butter - what do you think it would taste like?

I’ve never had mackerel but have always thought I wouldn’t like it. Oily. Fishy tasting. But we’re going to a highly praised place in Bergen, Norway, next week. The owner/chef lived in the US for two years and worked at Per Se, Alinea and Stone Barn at Blue Hill. Here’s the ala carte menu where this is mentioned.

It interests me - hell, the whole menu does :slight_smile: And it’s only between $5 and $6. Thanks for any opinions. C

Probably depends on what the kebab is made of. The one in the NY Times slideshow looks like a miniature pickled herring burrito.

“So this little ball of depressing represents the past of Norwegian food,” said the chef Christopher Haatuft as he lovingly set down a drab bite of smoked mackerel butter on rye-pumpernickel bread.

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It and he all sound interesting. We’re heading from their on a Norwegian coast cruise. The cruise line is one we sailed on a year ago to Antarctica and the food was really good. BTW I generally don’t care for cruise food. Thanks, r.

Here’s some more comments about mackerel and others.

First off - yay you! This sounds like an amazing adventure.

I confess, I am not a mackerel fan - too fishy for me.

But? I adore the honey smoked salmon at Costco, and eat it, flaked, on a bagel spread with cold butter and topped with fresh cracked pepper. So if you could give me a butter that is the sum of all those parts? I’d be pretty happy : )

If the price is as reasonable as you say, please do try it, take one for the team - and report back!

AND they have local butter. The pork belly on the menu comes from a friend of his who he convinced to raise pigs that have ‘winter coats’ , can stay outside in winter and build up a lot of fat.

Yeah, I like ‘lox.’

Getting pretty excited. BTW, making some bread to give to the flight attendants :slight_smile: You and others have created a monster. And I love you for it :slight_smile:

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