Snail Bar - Temescal

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Did you enjoy it?

They hadn’t opened yet last time I was up north

Everything was great. They open to the public tomorrow.

Per this Chron article, hours are 4-9:30 Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 12-3 and 4-9:30 Saturday and Sunday.

Fucking loved this place. Walk in only and a few weeks ago on a Monday we showed at 5:15 and waited an hour before being seated.

Beautiful Carignan/Mourvedre blend from Languedoc-Roussillon

Not gonna lie I can’t find the menu and this was a catch up meal with a friend so I don’t remember all the specifics except that everything was delicious

Pan con Tomate

Quesadilla, Snails, Komquate and Cashew Miso & Ham and Cheese

I could have eaten five of these


Squash, Nectarines, Fromage Blanc - Such a killer dish. So fresh

Arepa, Brokaw Avocado, Sweet Bay Shrimp, Salsa Macha - Loved, loved, loved

Congee - My favorite ending to savory in a long time. Whether Chef fired the ticket this way or the server coursed as such I don’t know but I really loved this being the end of savory.



Special menu by guest chef Keone Koki. Didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to find it was mostly Peruvian.

Best causa I’ve ever had.

Most tender tongue ever.

Beans were the star but the mussels were great too.

Nice they gave us rolls to sop up the great mussel-bean broth. Chicken skin butter was great too.

Fish was perfectly cooked. Kinda old-school French sauce.

Took a couple of bites before I remembered to take a photo. Great contrasting flavors and textures. The vermouth pairing was brilliant.

Great meal. Around $200 a head all in with wine pairings, an extra bottle of wine, service charge, tax, and a little extra tip.

Huh, I haven’t had a ton of causa in my life but that one looks pretty different and interesting. Are the potatoes piped or shaved or something…?

Who knows. Creamy but dense. Could have been some subtle modernist technique involved. Or not.