Soba help please

It’s hot y’all and there’s only so much Korean cold noodle I can eat. I found out old threads on soba but hope someone can just make it easy for me to find best closest to mid city .

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Do you mean Zaru Soba? The chilled buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce?

If you are mid city, maybe hit Sawtelle Blvd? Or do a culver city soba search (found many on yelp that way, but don’t know the places.

Suehiro Cafe in Little Tokyo actually does a very nice Zaru Soba.

Funny you should mention it, it was so hot yesterday, went out to pick up crab for dinner - and had zaru soba at the grocery food court restaurant and was a VERY happy gal.

Yes cold soba. If googling and yelping was good enough for me I wouldn’t have joined this group

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Hi @Nemroz,

I feel your pain. If you’re looking for great Handmade Soba in mid-city, I don’t know any, sorry. :frowning: But I think a solid choice for Non-Handmade might be Raku (La Cienega). They are closed on Sundays, though, but if you go there you can enjoy their Soba, maybe some Oyaji Tofu (Chilled, Handmade Tofu, which is delicious!), enjoy some chilled Sake or Beer and some Kushiyaki Skewers. :slight_smile:

If you want great Handmade Soba, the closest ones would be the South Bay (Inaba, Otafuku, Ichimian).

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Not soba, but just as good on a sweltering day: The cold tofu udon at Yuko Kitchen (near LACMA).


Soregashi! It’s a couple of the guys from the defunct Yabu on La Cienega. Total hidden gem.


To follow, try the faloodeh at Saffron and Rose.

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Today? Prepare to queue. It was a madhouse there. Ask me how I know.


And, if you do omakase, save room for the cold zaru soba course

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:slight_smile: It’s always a madhouse there, but OK, I’ll bite: how do you know?

Cold soba noodle salad at Fiore Market Cafe.

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Close ish to mid-city (well, closer than Torrance) is Mitsuwa. Today I had some bites of the missus’ zaru soba from Sanuki Sando, and it was fine. Would definitely scratch that itch if you don’t want to make the trek south.

But what you really want to get is the seasonal (I think?) cold ramen from Santouka. It was great, man. I should have taken a picture. It comes with a dab of spicy mustard and a side of some toppings. And even the small portion is still pretty dang big. They apparently sell out though, cuz when I first walked up, they were sold out. I dejectedly/excitedly ordered salt ramen. But when I went back up to get my order, I saw them taking down the “sold out” sign, and so I ordered another bowl of the cold ramen. And then I ate them both. And they both were great. Another entry into the age old question: can one bang bang from the same restaurant?


Side tangent - any cold soba recs in the Valley??

yes! that’s my lunch once a week including tomorrow… that’s my hood… sad they replaced catfish with the unagi though

also this is just serviceable every day lunch food… nothing to write home about… i’m looking for homemade stuff

thank you!

is this just free word association now? :slight_smile:

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We have Mashti Malone here… i don’t need to cue up for persian icecream…

Thanks that’s great… is there one at Mitsuwa on centinella? i’ll try santouka’s too one day.

in japan we also had hot soba with smoked herring a lot… wonder if someone has that in torrance

Yep! I went to the Santouka in the Mitsuwa on Centinela for the cold ramen.

Sorry - should have been clearer on that, dawg.

oh no all good. thanks. that’s a good shout.

honestly i was expecting some spots on sawtelle to pop up