Solid Fusion at a Premium - Chef David Chang's Majordomo Arrives in L.A. [Thoughts + Pics]

nice thanks.

recommended dishes: trout roe or chickpea hozon with bing (uni optional imo, but it’s good), tapioca lo mein, stuffed peppers (idk why EVERYONE isn’t ordering this), raw sugar snaps, spicy cod in paper, whole plate short ribs. Those are the dishes I like anyway.

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Thanks Matt.
Is the cod fairly similar to a Ktown staple cod (like Jun Won) or something else entirely? I ask because if it is “standard” I am likely to veer towards either of these fish:
Fried Skate Rice shiso, scallion, chili sauce 42
Grilled Whole Rockfish green sauce 39

it is, but it’s slightly different and it’ll take a bit to explain why. I haven’t had the fried skate rice, but that’s another hard-to-find Korean dish that’s supposedly really good. Haven’t had it yet.

OH and the crab specials are pretty awesome off if they’re still available.

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i liked the Skate fried rice. They bring a cart with the ingredients, tell you what the ingredients are and mix it tableside. Pretty fun experience! they give you a fair amount of Skate too. which is served seperately from the rice.

We got a group of 4 hungry men so we ought to be able to make a decent dent in the menu.


Thanks @matthewkang. BTW, have you seen this Jumeokbap dish anywhere else in K-Town or OC? It’s the first we had ever heard of this dish and it was delicious. :slight_smile:

Choe Jang Gip (pig foot is good too I hear) on 6th

Can’t vouch for them but it’s a dish on to-do list

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I haven’t seen it, it’s very homestyle

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Again I don’t want to judge too hard before I try it, but based on @Chowseeker1999’s review/photos and your own admitted gripe with the thickness I’m not sure its something I would want to pay double digit dollars for (can’t find the price but I’d venture a safe bet).

And I’m not really following your scarcity line of reasoning, so you’re saying if a particular food item is hard to find and doesn’t hold a candle to the original version that its based on, it’s still worth paying an elevated price point for based solely on the fact that it is hard to find? I just can’t agree with that logic.

I really don’t have a dog in this fight (just my overall skepticism of David Chang’s food based on my personal past experiences), but you’re really going on the defensive with this restaurant in particular…



You know the saying about a fool and his money…


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well that’s where you and I will have to disagree, you can polish a turd but its still a piece of …

But when it’s the only turd on the block and you’re really feeling like some turd, what are you gonna do besides open up your wallet.

Agreed. Obviously if you don’t care for said item, you have no reason to pay a premium for a subpar product. But if the food item is something that you want/need/crave, and the only place in town that serves it charges a premium, of course that’s reason to pay to more because what other choice do you have? You disagree with Matt because you don’t really care about hotteuk, but imagine if it was something else that you really wanted.

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So for me the answer would be to not eat ai

The obvious answer for me is to either not eat that particular dish or not patronize that particular restaurant.

I actually really enjoy hotteok am I willing to pay double digit dollars for a thick cold hotteok with some ice cream? Hell no

It’s 8 dollars

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LOL. That’s not the point!! (S)He wants it to be the same price as on the streets of Seoul.

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After several visits to Majordomo, I feel like if David Chang wasn’t affiliated with Majordomo, and it was serving the same food, same style, same taste, same everything, it would be to Korean food what Crustacean is to Vietnamese.

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… what would be the cocaine-laden garlic noodle “must-have” equivalent at Majordomo?