Solid Fusion at a Premium - Chef David Chang's Majordomo Arrives in L.A. [Thoughts + Pics]

I consider myself fairly sensitive to price, and I do think the APL ribs are indeed worth the cost.

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Thanks for the update! It sounds like you had 2 good meals, one horrific meal, and one that was just okay. I’m very disappointed to hear that it sounds like they haven’t improved their dish consistency considering their price point.

From your description of the “HCR” it almost makes me wonder how something like that even makes it onto the menu!

Cocktails do sound and look quite good, though!

@Chowseeker1999 your commitment to your craft of sharing your experiences with us is just amazing! Thanks so much. I’ve been a bit weary of trying Majordomo, but I may drop in just for drinks and the bing. I would have to gather a team for the short ribs.


Hi @attran99,

Thanks! :slight_smile: If you do stop by, definitely the Bings, and some of their Vegetable dishes (like the Raw Sugar Snap Peas when they’re back in season). And yes, the Whole Plate Short Ribs when you get enough people. :wink:

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If only that Benton’s Reserve Ham was available for sale at a market or butcher shop.

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The Bounty Bowl was great when I had it.

I would have ordered it again this week but one of the dips was mascarpone, which I wasn’t in the mood for.

You can get it mail-order:

And maybe I’m the only one but I prefer the sausage stuffed peppers the the Benton’s bing. It’s hard to choose but having that option lets me narrow it down.

I smoke APL style short ribs at home fairly often and want to try to replicate that rice dish next time. Any idea what’s added in the mix along with rice? I spot scallions, sesame seeds, and I’m guessing there’s some sesame oil in there. Not sure what the white flakey thing is.


Hi @tailbacku,

Nice! That’s awesome that you make APL-style ribs at home. :slight_smile: That’s grated horseradish IIRC and some lemon zest.

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For Majordomo’s APL style short ribs, he uses a marinade for them. i think its his mom’s kalbi marinade recipe?
i’m sure your own marinade or even if you use your own seasonings, it would still work out fine.

two different times that i have ordered the APL style short ribs, the rice either had lemon zest or orange zest, but yes i believe @Chowseeker1999 is correct on the ingredients of the rice.

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Oh cool, wouldn’t have expected horseradish. Any other seasonings that you can guess? No soy sauce?

This is will be our next smoker experiment.

Here’s what alleges to be the recipe for the ribs. Couldn’t find the rice.

that’s the recipe for APL’s baby back pork ribs not Majordomo’s, Majordomo’s is a whole plate beef short rib.
it’s called APL’s short ribbed because David Chang was inspired and used his method of cooking. He also added a twist by marinating it in a Korean kalbi marinade.

Yup totally different

Thanks, but I read somewhere that the Benton’s Reserve they use at Majordomo was made exclusively for them. This is probably in the ballpark, but probably not the same one?

The “reserve” may mean they buy longer-aged hams, which might be available but only whole.

This is where I got the info from:

"Chang’s got bing toppings like Benton’s reserve ham that’s only available at Majordomo. Chang asked Allan Benton to select and cure some hogs specifically for him about two and a half years ago.

“No one else is getting that, and I take pride in that,” Chang says."


Did I sleep thru September? I just found your reviews @Chowseeker1999. Too bad about your subpar meals at Majordomo. :slightly_frowning_face:

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