Solo Vegas

In need of some Vegas time, heading out for two nights early July after the holiday. Either at the Aria or Mirage. Any updated recs for dining solo? Is dining happening at restaurant bars? I am assuming so since it is Vegas. Open to any and all food. Thanks for the help!

Carbone at the bar is great for solo.

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Staying at the Aria, so that works out well. I was just a little worried about bar seating, if that is going on, but I am in central cal and it is happening here so I am assuming its 100% happening out there. I will hit Carbone my first night. I am going two nights.

try the caesar, off-menu meatballs, and spicy rigatoni. that with the “free” antipasti, bread basket, and dessert should be plenty for a solo meal.


sounds great. Might do momofuku for dinner the next or just for lunch.

Thai-wise, I had a disappointing solo meal at Lotus of Siam (OG Sahara location) in late March - not sure if it’s a missing Sergio issue. They have a newer, glossier location at Flamingo Rd., so that maybe a better bet.

White Castle still rocks, though

I think Raku is also pretty good for solo dining. A lot of the items can be ordered in half portions. Stick to the specials board and don’t order too much tendon.


Better too much tendon than not enough!

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I think thai is just way too much food for one person. I would want to try way too much. I can eat a lot, but also don’t want to waste food.

Ah i forgot about Raku! Okay, I was thinking of an omakase meal in chinatown potentially too.

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Highly recommend. I’ve done Raku multiple times as a solo diner, one of my last solo trips was a month before shut down last year. There’s also Raku Sweets in the same center.

Another place I tried that trip was Lamaii, the owner was the long time sommelier at LOS. They do small plates, easy to pop in, order a few items and move on. Don’t have to commit yourself to as big of a portion as LOS orders.

Link to my post about it with pics. You can also see what someone else thought of the place

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Does anyone know anything about his other place toridokoro raku?

Raku Sweets for desserts, while you’re at it…

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