Sotto is Closing January 26th

If you’re a Sotto fan, it’s closing as of January 26th per the E-mail I just got.

general question: why do so many restaurants announce closures with only minimal notice?

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Noooo. My meatballs. :sob:

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That hurts.

Wow. This sucks. I loved this place, was one of the best neighborhood Italian restaurants in LA. Also, I never went and found it anything less than very busy. Must be a big rent increase or something.


Probably because they want minimal press about it?

This is such a bummer, one of the best Italian in LA easily if not top 3.

Loved their pizzas. Might go tonight.

That makes me so unhappy. I love their pizza so much. I had many a fine meal there when I worked in Century City .

really pissed as well… love getting boozy in that basement. :frowning:

so many fond memories there with my girl, my friends, my fam.
Loved getting to know Steve and Dina there.
yes, I like Rossoblu but it’s not in my usual stomping ground, it isn’t quite as warm feeling (despite the fire), and it is pricier. Hopefully, The Revenge of Sotto will be in a theater near me in the not too distant future.


does not sound like this will happen according to Eater article

rip chicken liver rigatoni



Because they’re generally unplanned, like this one.

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Anything else good in this hood?
I need a pre concert dinner spot early on Saturday. Venue is The Mint.

Sotto. They’ll still be open.

Not sure I would go to Sotto during its last days. #BecausePonte

This one hurts. Fuck. Just an easy win every time. Always had great drinks, interesting wine, and top-notch food, and an easy drive based on location.

Hey. Maybe a silver lining is that we get a Test Kitchen II in there for a little while.

Mint-adjacent is rough.
Ethiopian on Fairfax
My 2 Cents (no booze though, so you will be forced to get by with just smoke and golf)
Ray and Stark’s.
Wolf on Melrose
A Spice Affair


In my experience, it’s also because restaurants will lose their staff almost immediately after announcing they are closing, they can’t guarantee they will be able to stay open much longer once everyone knows they are closing.

Awash is right by it. Hasiba (not sure if they’re Shabbaders), Capital Seafood and of course Lawry’s are very close.