Sotto is Closing January 26th

My last meal at Sotto.

Like a kick in the meatballs :frowning_face:


Republique or Odys and Penelope are not far. And anything up Fairfax - Fiona, Animal, Jon & Vinnys, Badmaash


So now where do we go for Neapolitan pizza?

Buona. Desano’s. Prova? not sure if prova is still good

pissed I didn’t make it this weekend, their pizza was really good…

I had Prova once, it was OK nothing to write home about. Desano’s is bomb.

Tartine Bianco opening next week downtown, hopefully some good new pizza.

I googled this word and the only thing that came up was your post, lol. Looking up the restaurant helped me figure it out… you’re talking about being kosher. :sweat_smile: Nice word smithery.

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Loved that dish

Good news is that Ronan on Melrose in West Hollywood has virtually the same pizza and several other of the non-past dishes. I believe the chef was from Sotto.

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