Sour Orange? Trying to Locate

Also called Bitter Orange or Seville Orange. Anyone know where I could find some??

Thanks! I’ll try Jons first.

I’ve only ever seen them at farmers markets. I’ve found them at Culver City, Mar Vista and Santa Monica farmers markets. Short season and short supply. I stock up and juice them, then freeze the juice.

I love these; so nice to know other people are interested in sour oranges. The more people buying, the better the odds for more availability.

Most middle eastern markets that sell produce have them when they are in season.

This is the season, a friend just made a huge batch of Sevulle marmelade.


What do you do with these oranges? They’re too sour to eat alone.


I’d like to make a “Key Lime” pie with them.


I have a tree with sour oranges in my backyard. They’re on their mostly year-round, so I don’t know if their “Seville” oranges. The story I’ve been told is that the root stock for grafted citrus trees uses a sour orange root system that’s really hardy, and it often “takes over” the rest of the tree, leaving only sour oranges behind.

Anyway, they’re great in cocktails (the juice and the very fragrant peel), great to use the juice in icing, and the zest for shortbread cookies with that icing. They are great for marinades too. Orange-ade though was not great the one time I made it.

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Come over to my place.

I have a tree full of them. Fucking full of them.



Ohhh… I might have to trade you some strawberry guava jam for oranges!


You have a strawberry guava jam tree?!!??

I genuflect.

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I have a resourceful kitchen.

Less bowing, more happy eating ; )

P.S. I am a midwestern gal so imagine my happy surprise when I discovered how similar strawberry guava is to strawberry rhubarb…!


I want a tree that way everyday I can have Orange Julius

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@robert Where did your friend get theirs? I’ve been to Super King, Jons, Albertson’s, Bristol Farms, Gelsons, Whole Foods, Sprouts, 365, Ralphs, Vons, Seafood City, Island Pacific, Lassen’s, Sasoun Produce, and Northgate Gonzalez, and NOBODY is carrying them. Closest I got were “sweet limes” from Super King.

At a farmers market in Berkeley, I think. Or maybe at Berkeley Bowl.

I would try emailing Mud Creek Farms the just a couple trees of a lot of specialty citrus and might not always bring everything to the market. A lot of Chefs put in there orders a couple days in advance and they’ll hold it for you in the truck. Can’t guarantee they have it, I think they were effected by the fires/mudslides but it’s worth a shot.

They are usually at Wed SM and Sun Hollywood

Berkeley Bowl has them from these people: