Sourdough Chronicles

Think we should document our adventures with wild yeast. I’ve been trying much more than bread lately and it’s really worth your whole to try.

Side topic, there are some very serious people claiming that these longer fermented breads are significantly easier to digest and even allow people with perceived gluten sensitivities to eat breads without issues.

I’ll start with my only 3rd round pizza bake from last night.

Blend of 00 and AP and Red Fife flour. 3 day cold ferment. Super hot baking steel



I believe this to be 100% true. When I explain to people what is going on in the dough when you are allowing it to sit and rise, I break the processes into two categories: fermentation and maturation. On a very basic level, the fermentation process is the work that the yeast does, while maturation is the work done by enzymes that are naturally present in flour breaking down the gluten proteins formed when you make a dough.

The warmer the dough, the faster the fermentation occurs. The maturation process, on the other hand, occurs at the same rate no matter the temperature. So when you cold ferment, you slow down the work of the yeast to give the maturation process more time to occur. A more mature dough means more breaking down of the gluten proteins, which means a less dense crumb, and less work for our digestive systems when we eat it. It also affects how the dough cooks, ensuring that your dough gets cooked throughout during the baking process, and you don’t have a gum line :face_vomiting:. Again, this is a fairly high level explanation, but I think it helps one understand much better the reason for cold fermenting


these look REALLY great. I have a very stable starter that yields some pretty great, quite tangy batards. I keep wanting to try it in pizza crust but I haven’t gotten around to it.

What’s your proportion of starter for a typical overnight-24 hour cold ferment?

i do 2 night minimum… 3 is what i’m going to keep doing after the last effort.

i start with 60g of starter 90 water 90 flour the night before the mix. Final mass is 950 for 3 pies so the refreshed starter is 25% of that total

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