South Bay Yakitori - What's with the waits?

Had to pick up the (not so) Old Lady at LAX at 5:45 yesterday (Sunday) and was really in the mood for either Torihei or Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori.
I was really surprised that I could get into neither -
Torihei had nothing for a few hours (I tried to reserve by phone when they opened at 5:30) and the wait list at SSG was more than an hour (at 6 f*ing PM).
Are there any other good yakitori options?
If not, some budding entrepreneur ought to be opening yakitori joints in the South Bay - big time demand!

We ended up at Sanuki No Sato which was fine but not extraordinary in any way…good Udon.

eating at SSG is usually not a hurried experience and the grillmasters occasionally drink too much…

Raku isn’t open on Sunday either, so like you said, big time demand!

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Try Torimatsu



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Thanks @sgee and @Starchtrade

I have heard of Torimatsu but not Koshiji or Hasu !
Nice to have options. Any comprehensions of these places with regards to quality and crowds? All take reservations which is a big up over SSG.

Hi @CiaoBob,

Here’s my write up of Koshiji.


Sorry, it’s been ages since I’ve been there. Back when there was 'nuthin in LA and all the legit joints were in Little Tokyo or Southbay.

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