Spam musubi?

Any thoughts on where I can get a whole bunch of Spam musubi in LA? Hopefully north of the 10 and east of Hollywood.

My favorite is at Shakas in Monterey Park but it is south of the 10 fwy. Second is probably Back Home in Lahiana in Carson which really is out of the way. Pretty sure both do catering.

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Would you believe there is a musubi caterer? Yes, a musubi caterer.

Mama Musubi is apparently what you are looking for.


Well that sounds good! I wish they had a menu on their site. But I will (SIGH) email them now. Thank you!!

The best Spam Musubi I’ve had was at King’s Hawaiian. They do catering out of their Local Place location.


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As an aside, my favorite Spam Musubi is at Dan’s Hamburger and Teriyaki on Normandie at Exposition. They were made fresh to order by a Hawaiian lady and they were huge. Plus, the sauce was served on the side. They also made a Fried Chicken Musubi and an Egg Musubi. However I think they’ve changed hands in the last few months. The last time I stopped by there was a guy behind the counter who said they were out of them.


They haven’t responded. I’ll never understand companies that don’t want money!


FWIW - they are at the Studio City farmer’s market on Sunday

Would L&L work? Probably nowhere near the best spam musubi, but totally serviceable. Glendale, Eagle Rock, Pasadena?

Yeah, that’s on their site. I finally got in touch, but they’re not able to fulfill the order.

I decided to just get onigiri from Nijiya. Not too fancy, but way way cheaper than everywhere else.

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