Spam Musubi

Sushi rice and nori and, of course, the Spam. I cut it in eight slices per can. Fry it up in a soy sauce and sugar combo til nice and crispy. Layer rice, furikaki, Spam, more furikaki and then more rice. BTW it will reheat in the MW quite nicely.


Try dipping the entire thing in tempura batter, deep fry, and serve with a Kewpie-Sriracha sauce.

YUM!! I can eat as many as you put in front of me.

O. M. G. that sounds incredible! We have two left. Will do it. Thanks as always.

Nice work! I could go for some SPAM musubi right now.

I assume this is ‘basic’ Spam? Our market seems to have maybe two dozen flavors. I tried ‘basic’ once recently but apparently missed either the underlying allure or the cooking technique because it did nothing for me. I remember it differently from the business trips I used to take to Honolulu.

This is the “25% less sodium” one. For me the main flavor is that it’s fried in soy sauce with sugar added. Well, and the furikaki. The one I’m using now has too many sesame seeds which dilute the flavor. When Sam F was alive I sought his last minute advice for the first time I’d had it since childhood. Lots of pepper and fried he declared. When Sam spoke I listened :slight_smile: (As an aside I checked recently and he died six years ago. That blew my mind.)

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Yeah - pan fry till nice crust forms. What Sam knew, he knew oh so well. Really miss him. I toast to him often.

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Thanks Cath. Yes. Sam passed away quite some time ago. I think I recall his brother posting from his account on CH to let people know. He was a real asset to that site.

Noteworthy that so many ‘local’ food items (especially in Asia and surrounds) use the parts of animals we’d normally dispose of and amp them up with seasonings. I can’t think of an Asian country that doesn’t have a local ‘hot pot’ dish using offal.

On the subject of Sam and Spam :slight_smile: the morning after he died, we went out to breakfast at a place owned by a Hawaiian man. He had Spam so we had that with eggs in his memory/honor :slight_smile:


Actually I believe that was Veggo’s brother. Two lost assets.

We have a local favorite restaurant that every night was a “crispy pig parts” and “offal offal” selection on their menu. They break down whole animals so little goes to waste. Italian slanted menu.

Yes, it WAS Veggo’s brother. You went to breakfast with Sam?

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Oh no :slight_smile: Although he and I were part of a group that emailed back and forth a lot. We threatened to meet in the Philippines, get REALLY drunk and eat balut!!!

I used to go to Manila on business and, for years, heard stories of monkey brain. Never had the ‘pleasure’ (?) though.

I had calf brains once. Didn’t care for the texture. They/it was scrambled in eggs.

Totally different thing. The Philippines version supposedly involves a live monkey, a dining table with a small hole in the middle, and a machete. Not at all sorry I never experienced it.

Oh my. :frowning:

Certainly have fixed this in the last three years :slight_smile: One thing that’s nice about it is that I always have the ingredients on hand.

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Looks beautiful! And great texture on the rice!