Spanish Restaurant?

I recently came across an Eater post of a Spanish restaurant named Loquita in Santa Barbara. Is there a comparable restaurant in LA? What other Spanish restaurants are available in LA?

Am i missing any other good Spanish restaurants?

Otoño hasn’t gotten a lot of love here.


Loquita is great if you ever get to Santa Barbara. Tapas places in LA don’t seem to do very well for some reason.

Spanish food is an inexplicable weakness in L.A.'s dining scene. My list:

La Paella (Beverly Grove): Tapas are their forte, but strangely not their paella…
Tatel (Beverly Hills): Really good tortilla española, in a terraza setting…
Saso (Pasadena): Basque-influenced. It started off promising during its grand opening, but there have been some not-as-good reports since…
Gasolina Café (Woodland Hills): OK food…
Soulmate (WeHo): A hangout place which happens to have (somewhat soggy) paella on its menu. Their pan con tomate, however, IS worth ordering…
Otoño (Highland Park): I appreciate their effort… Don’t order the thick-cut jamon…
La Española Meats (Harbor City): The socarrat in their takeout paella is often missing, but damn if this isn’t the most crave-worthy (non-catered) racion de paella in the L.A. area! The bocadillos are also huge bites as well…

… and notably missing:
Spain Restaurant (Echo Park): An Argentinian place masquerading as a Spanish joint.


Warrior: I completely agree with your comment about La Paella. Their paella is disappointing, but their tapas are tasty. I also remember once liking a main course there (monkfish?). Peony and I were pretty negative about Otoño in our review here, but it’s a solid option. I may have been in a bad mood that day because I’d go back.

Not LA, but my old beverage director had a lot of good things to say about Vaca in South Coast Plaza.


Casa Cordoba in Montrose is decent for a local Spanish place. Although tasty, there was no socarrat in the take-out paella :frowning:

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I haven’t been since the pandemic but I thought otoño was really fun, even if the food could be a little hit or miss. Good energy, really good cocktails, nice space.

Bar Moruno is coming back soon too, and popping up at Tabula Rasa next week.