Spicy Lunch in Pomona/Walnut/Diamond Bar Area

Some coworkers and I go to get a spicy food lunch every once in a while, and normally it’s a last minute pick (places like Seasons Cafe, Sanamluang, Secret of Kitchen, Tijuana Tacos, Baby Elephant, and Bull Demon King). Our group has ballooned this month though, and I’m thinking we’re gonna need a reservation somewhere. Anybody have any good ideas of places to find a spicy lunch (cuisine type doesn’t matter, just preferably in the <$15pp range)?

Sun Nong Dan - Rowland Heights

Shancheng Lameizi - Rowland Heights (may have waits)

Young Dong Tofu - Chino Hills and Diamond Bar

Dillawala Indian Kitchen - Diamond Bar

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Alas, I think Dilliwala hasn’t had Friday lunch in a couple years

Chengdu Taste has a branch open in Rowland Heights

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Update: went with Young Dong. Pretty good soon tofu. Probably will do Cachanilla next

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Not much ambiance, but Hilltop Jamaican in Pomona is excellent for jerk chicken, goat curry and oxtail. And the festival bread is so damn addictive, like a weird donut. The chicken curry patties are also great.

Would check that place out. I didn’t recommend it because the seating is sort of lackluster. But I really like their food, truly a hidden gem.