Spring food favorites!

Ask .why not . I have some ranchers up here who will harvest a kill.


Not sure what that means. So not raised for meat but killed in the wild? I might have a problem with that. Just an emotional one.

? What are you unsure about. You know the animal rights /Peta crowd don’t like foie gras or veal pretty sure they are not going to love Baby lamb either -no matter how well it was raised

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No just a professional who harvests animals pro


That’s what I’m thinking.

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He meant here in America… but it looks like you can find cordero lechal online. Maybe USDA has loosened up.

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New potatoes, peas, radishes, and a fresh rhubarb dessert…looking forward! By the way, seems to be plenty of lamb (spring lamb) available online and at some of my local markets…

Here in the New York area, we can’t wait for the spring arrival of Soft Shell Crab. They come up first from Florida & the Gulf Coast, then the bounty from the Chesapeake. Of course, there’s nothing like enjoying them sauteed or fried in greater Baltimore/Annapolis…

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It’s not illegal. Just not enough of a market.

Just picked up some ramps and rhubarb at the local farmer’s market. Can’t wait for the kitchen magic…

I saw this recipe yesterday for ramp butter and shared with a friend in England who grows ramps.

Just savored our ramps with new potatoes in a frittata…a good bagel on the side.