Sqirl - Los Angeles

Yeesh dumpster fire all around glad it’s being brought to light!


I think Sqirl disabled all comments on their IG account.


… and now a new handle is born:


Considering how much coverage Sqirl gets from LA Times and Eater, I feel that it’s only right if they investigate this situation and report accordingly.


There one on Instagram @sqirltruth

Selling moldy jam is gross and illegal. Treating employees like crap and not giving proper credit to collaborators is low life type of stuff. Those responses on IG are beyond weak.

Wonder how Dave Chang is going to respond to these allegations since he is Sqirl fanboy #1.

Like @attran99 I’m glad I never went to Sqirl. But I did buy a jar of jam once from Blackmarket Bakery.


Probably same way he responded about Meehan. Didn’t know. But having spoke to someone who has staged there and also another local restauranteur who hired former sqirl staff, all these allegations about treatment of her staff was common knowledge in the industry.

In some ways, I find that almost more disturbing than the moldy jam. Yikes.

Maybe in the US, but a mold expert does not think it is dangerous, actually, depending on the type of mold and how much of the jam is affected. The mold expert cited by SQIRL is mentioned in this article:

And how much they charge. Their food ain’t cheap.

btw bon_javier in the ig comments is the same Javier who was doing dinner popups at Trois Familia.

Interesting article found in the twitter thread


I still think the future is female!

I hope the original chefs get credit for their groundbreaking recipes for porridge, avocado toast, and brown rice salad.

Definitely a Sqirl/Onda fanboy here. I’m always a little reticent on stuff where I don’t know the background re: who gets credit for recipes, but mistreatment of workers is never acceptable

Go support Ria Dolly at her new restaurant Petite Peso, all of us in the industry knew that it was her and her then (at the time) husband who made all the savory dishes shine! Supposedly he created the signature ricotta toast as well but don’t quote me on that!

Its been a long time coming but I’ve always hoped to see Ria shine in her own spot and these developments of moldy jam definitely make me wanna go out there and support her.

I’m quite disgusted at the idea someone could be so reckless with public health safety in our industry.


There’s no thread for Petite Peso yet so I’ll just say here that the sisig salad was awesome and the idea of an adobo dip sandwich is brilliant so I can’t wait to try it again


I know where I’m going next weekend!

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Would second this. Even as a casual observer of LA restaurant it was pretty clear that Ria create many of the early signature dishes at Sqirl, especially if you followed her on IG (edit: ricotta toast —should be credited to Matt Wilson per Ria’s IG). Supposedly ria and subsequent chef de cuisine Javier Ramos who also claimed to create many dishes in the cookbook—never was credited or compensated.

her Jam man David Prado , who many former staff would say sqirl wouldn’t survive without, is nowhere to be mention in her new upcoming jam book. (edit: he is mentioned in the dedication) People are upset that all these key figures are POC. Also accusations of a her role in gentrification of the neighborhood 2106 interview with Eater, “sitting low in her chair, gestured next door. My cheat is this shitty corner on Virgil and Marathon. The cheat is, like, I pay two dollars per square foot." The gentrification issues aren’t so new.

We’ll have to see what Koslow’s reponse to these accusations. What’s interesting is how the media will approach this.


Here’s a fascinating Twitter thread from someone who’s studied canning and preservation from two accredited programs…including the one Jessica Koslow went to.


Wow, this is all so gross-- the mold and the treatment of/not crediting her employees. I’ve eaten at Sqirl in the past and enjoyed it, but not feeling like going there again.


Anyone else think this article is extremely racist? Substitute Asian for white in the article and how does that sound? Horrible.