St John at the Platform?

What the hell!!! I hope it’s good so that I can be excited about this. St John is literally the only place i rec to friends visiting London

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It’s right at a Metro stop. Big plus for some demographics.

By the time this is open, the entire huge complex at the station, including HBO’s HQ, will be open. And all the Amazon workers going to the Culver steps and Apple workers moving into the area will be there too. There is a ton of development going on in Culver.

The real question to me is: do people in this city want to eat the kind of food they serve at St. John? It’s kind of hard to imagine the people eating salads at Margot and getting colorful boba ordering pheasant and trotter pie and liver, bacon, and mash plates. But I’ve been wrong before, and maybe St. John will adjust to the market a bit.


yup, that’s why i was wondering about the location. I’ve always felt the restaurants in that area were usually safer as far as menu was concerned. It’s kinda like Old Town Pasadena

Right. You don’t see a lot of offal-heavy places in this area. That said, you don’t really see a lot of offal-heavy places in LA, period. Will be interesting.

It’s five miles from Animal and Chi Spacca.

and we all know what happened to the cannibal.


Animal is no St. John. There are tons of items on that menu that are extremely accessible. St. John is a whole different beast.

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And while we’re on the topic: Whatever happened to those Fine Young Cannibals?

Nevermind, that question pretty much answers itself. ;-D

Only a handful of St. John’s dishes are offal. Not wildly different from Animal.

I am going to bang bang John!


There are some on here, including this one: Dear Johns on Culver. Or did you mean professional reviews?

i have seen that. i was thinking of something a bit more in depth with pictures. that kind of food isn’t exactly trendy though

It got the bladdison treatment.

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thanks i don’t think i saw that

i’ve never heard of this place!

There are a couple threads on ftc about it.

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The developers are actually 2 guys in their 30s. One of them is from SF and I think the other is from LA:

St John pop up in LA and 3 other cities

Article in food and wine

Tickets on Eventbrite $78 for 5 courses