Status of Jeremy Fox's Upcoming Restaurant Birdie G's

For those of you who care about Jeremy Fox’s (formerly of Manresa, Ubuntu) upcoming restaurant Birdie G’s, sources tell me that it’ll be located between Mid-City and Sawtelle and a million plus construction/renovation is about to take place so I don’t anticipate that they’ll finish before Summer to Fall 2019.

It’s likely that Birdie G’s will be within here.

But then again, this can be fake news given that I’m using anonymous sources. :wink:


Nice intel. Big fan of Jermey Fox!

Did a little Birdie tell you?

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My little birds around the city don’t “tell”. They whisper.

… or tweet, perhaps? :wink:

Formerly Rustic Canyon? He’s still there as far as I know, with him posting about RC a few days ago.

Thanks! Corrected. They don’t call it fake news for nothing.

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That’s within the general area where Eater reported in October that they’d signed a lease.

I’m not sure that stark industrial design matches the “precious setting” claim, but then, does anywhere else in the neighborhood?

Here’s the opening menu. Humble family style soul food, pristine ingredients, expensive west side location at the expected price point. At least Fox is attempting something different.


I live nearby and will definitely be checking this out but man, these are some high prices for a non-premium part of SaMo. Am I really gonna pay $32 for mussels here when they’re 10 bucks cheaper at Blue Plate Oysterette actually overlooking the water? At least the $59 chicken is still 40 bucks cheaper than Wally’s :slight_smile:

Menu is now online and the menu is the same as the one @TriTip posted above.

The wine list is also now online The wine list looks fabulous. Lots of interesting bottles at reasonable price points. I almost never order off the list because, with hubris, I believe my taste in wine is better than the restaurant’s, but this is a list that I would love to make my way through. I’ve never been to Rustic Canyon, but the wine director is the same so I’m guessing that Rustic Canyon also has a good wine program. I’m going to Birdie G this weekend and am bringing my own wine because I have a bottle that I really want to open, but the restaurant has one of the best dessert wine lists that I have seen outside of New York, so we may order a dessert wine off the list.

As to the food menu, when I first looked at it, I said “huh?” but in looking again, there are lots of things I want to try, including the “artisan matzo” for $4. If Jeremy Fox can make plain matzo not taste like cardboard, then I will say he is a true culinary genius (and even if he can’t, I won’t hold it against him). In any event, I have to say kudos to Fox because his menu sounds totally unique and different from what anyone else is doing in Los Angeles. If the food is well-executed, this is going to be an amazing addition to Westside dining (which means I’ll probably never again be able to get a reservation).

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I’m loving this menu. It’s all over the place, but that’s okay because everyone can find something to eat, even boring people.

My first thing I’m ordering is the hangtown fry;
I will bring the Crystal hot sauce.


Do you know what they’ll charge for corkage?
Rustic Canyon used to be $25 with a cap. Not sure if that’s still the case.

I called. $30.

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I was curious about this hangtown fry thing and found this Saveur article. Hangtown Fry | Saveur

I just want plain matzo brei and wonder if I can ask them to hold the pork belly and oysters. Or maybe if they start doing brunch on weekends, they will add a plain matzo brei.

I’ve already decided to pass on the matzo. I was listening to a podcast of Jeremy Fox and he said he tried making his own matzo, but it wasn’t as good as the commercial matzo from the Matzo Project in Brooklyn, so that is what he is using. He said his “secret sauce” is to send it out to the table lightly misted with salt water. I can order Matzo Project on Amazon and mist it myself.

Instead, I am zeroing in on Kasha Cakes (schmaltz, gribenes, crackling, lemon zest & chive) as my first order. That sounds really creative and most definitely something I do not see myself making at home. Plus, I could be wrong, but I think that would pair very nicely with champagne.


We went.

Of the various things we tried, the one must order was the Summer Tomatoes & Burrata with anchovies. The dish was brilliant. I never made it to Ubuntu in Napa, but based on that dish, I understand why Jeremy Fox got the acclaim that he did when he was cooking at Ubuntu.

The fries with aioli were very good. Can’t go wrong there.

The mussels were good, but they’re mussels. The sand dab blue plate special didn’t work for me. I didn’t love the Kasha Cakes with schmaltz and gribenes as much as I thought I would. Nothing wrong with them, but perhaps better with brisket. The “country club greens” with escarole, pepperoncini & provolone was interesting, although not really crave-worthy. The madeira mushrooms were fine, although again not really crave-worthy.

The matzo bark for dessert was nice, but a bit sweet and one dimensional.

The servers, all quite young, were sweet and enthusiastic, but if you are at a two-top and ordering a lot of food, there is not enough room on the table for everything.


The duck confit on Saturday’s Blue Plate was quite good, done like a cassoulet with morcilla, pork belly and rancho gored beans. A steal at $25. The crab and prawn cake at $29 did not offer the best qpr (though the execution is good) and the mussels at $32 seemed a bit steep–and not just in the SMBW 310 ale. I think the matzo bark might work better as a shared nibble (or the house petit fours) rather than as a separate dessert but the cheesecake in a jar is a winner. with lovely strawberry preserves and graham cracker crumble. Some decent wines by the glass, too. Service was good and everyone seemed genuinely concerned whether the guests were enjoying their meal.

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+1 re: the fries. Size, salt level, crunch, whatever fat they used: :+1: Hovering near the top of my L.A. fry ratings. Would appreciate some additional confirmation.

Shout out to the “Sweetbreads à la Jocko’s”, a refined version of a central coast oddity I haven’t thought about in years – down to the toothpicks and ramekin of gravy. A must if you’ve had the original in Nipomo. Really appreciated JF going out on a limb with this one. Hope it stays on the menu.

Prices are high-ish but portions are generous. A few appetizers or a shared main + sides at the bar with a couple of cocktails won’t break the bank.

The space is large/industrial (LOUD) and disconcertingly near the Santa Monica solid waste dump. Luckily we were upwind.

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I love Jocko’s.
At this point, I assume the love is probably more for nostalgia’s sake than the quality of the food…

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I know it’s Jeremy Fox’s vision, not mine, but I really, really wish he would put another matzo brie on the menu other than his mashup of matzo brie and hangtown fry. Matzo brie is one of my favorite foods in the world and I would really be down on trying a high end version from a professional kitchen, but to my palate, the dish just doesn’t work with meat and I don’t think oysters are quite right either. Cured salmon maybe. Even maybe ikura. A dollop of creme fraiche. Fox said he wanted the restaurant to have something for everyone, but he doesn’t have a matzo brie for me. :frowning: