Steak on the Westside recs please?

My 89 year old dad is on some sort of diet where he can have steak if he goes to a restaurant. However, my steak eating days are behind me. I’m having trouble remembering where to go in Santa Monica or Brentwood (west of 405) for a good New York or Filet this Saturday.

I’m inclined to book Bandera, which is always solid and lots there for me. Mastro’s Ocean Club is just too stupidly expensive, but an idea. Staying away from Italian because going to Italy soon for several weeks, or else I’d book Via Veneto. I think that’s the real stumper: avoiding Italian restaurants. Also thought of Tony Taverna…

I’m really having trouble with this for some reason. Used to be, could just go to Chaya Venice for their Rib Eye, now the steak is $98. Thinking James Beach?


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oh duh! Charcoal was it - but no availability after 6 and before 9 @PorkyBelly


I have not tried it but I would guess Lunetta all day has a god steak.
Westside tavern has a decent filet.
Bel Air bar and Grill
but i think your Bandera idea is fine.


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Thanks CiaoBob, interesting ideas, nothing jumping out. I like Belcampo’s happy hour, but don’t love that room. Westside Tavern isn’t my thing.

@Haeldaur, Hillstone same as Bandera - prefer the room at Bandera (less touristy)

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Malbec? Only went there once, and I remember the room being quite dark (which might be a prob for somoene who’s older).

Maybe you don’t want to sit at the bar with your 89 yo father -but I thought I’d throw it out there. Never had a problem getting a seat there and usually there are plenty of friendly locals and a front row seat to the action in the kitchen.


Do the filet tasting.

Have you considered Buffalo Club on Olympic in SM? Wilshire has a good filet that comes with a wonderful short rib pot pie as I recall.

I always forget about Buffalo Club (!), and actually The Wilshire is an excellent idea.

I had booked Ivy at the Shore and Bandera, but now have plans for Houstons on Sunday night (Pasadena), so this became a little more challenging, dropping Bandera res. The Brentwood is my other thought.

@ipsedixit, trying to avoid actual steakhouses. Also, Baltaire is stupidly expensive.
@aaqjr what bar are you throwing out there?

Theres BOA, Belcampo and Meat on Ocean- same owners as the water club.
What about outdoors at Michael’s? Old school vibe, art …

The Bar at Charcol

Tried michaels first but booked solid.

Any Beverly Hills ideas? No steakhouses like Cut or Mastro or Wolfgang. I need choices, too

Maybe too far east, but the Dabney Coleman at Dan Tana’s is so, so good.

I was recently at the roof of the new Waldorf Astoria - they have a resto there too with most amazing city views and also steak dish on menu. Memorable bday locale…just a smidge off from the west side?

Hatchet Hall would fit your bill nicely as well. Felix also has a yummy ribeye cap and lots of other things non-meaty.


second hatchet hall, they have steak and many other options and they have availability this saturday. you won’t be able to get into felix.

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Pacific Dining Car…expensive but great steaks.

Not Beverly Hills proper, but Beverly Hills Adjacent is Hinoki & the Bird, which offers a great tenderloin, or Westside Tavern which has a very decent filet, or maybe Jar (which is a bit further east than you might like)

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I would actually vote for Wolfgang’s. If you get the porterhouse it works out to a fairly reasonable price per person. And you could easily order a “steak for Three” for four people.