Stevie's Creole Cafe On Pico?

Possibly. I have a few friends who love it. Thanks!

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Why revenge? is there history?
[/quote]Oh, that’s just my imagination getting the best of me. I have no idea. It just seems odd to open so close to M2C. I’m just hoping the block is big enough for the both of them.

Here is the un-enhanced version. But still not as dark and rich looking as Mr. B’s.

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I’d eat it.

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Yep… it was pretty good :wink:.

Speaking of soul food.


I love this so much.

Detective Cookie, back with an update. Thanks for starting this thread btw @Mattapoisett_in_LA.

Okay so… We were going to My Two Cents for late breakfast Sunday. Sometimes I like to call first. Because she doesn’t overtax her small kitchen, her hours are quirky and not everything is available on certain days. For instance, they only do eggs on weekends - I think - and when they do it is strictly an egg baked in a muffin tin (no problem for me). Well… the number in my phone was disconnected. The website, which is not much help anyway, listed the same number. I thought “Ohhh. Maybe Stevie opened so close because he knows something we don’t. She’s out of there.” Anyway, we went to Anaya on Adams. But my husband drove by M2C today and they were closed. He said it looked like workmen inside. He went on the computer just now… low and behold… they posted an apology about the number and the closing. They are remodeling! Yay!

Am I the only one who’s glad that part of the mystery is cleared up? I thought it was important :blush:.


2nd Visit. Husband stopped and picked up a to go order.

Shrimp & Grits

Excellent grits (not pictured enough). My reigning favorite is still M2C. Because of the “crack” like sauce. But these were perfectly cooked, super creamy without losing texture or the ground corn flavor. I loved them. The shrimp were… shrimp.

Rice & Gravy

Rice & Gravy is one of my favorites. This did not disappoint. It’s a basic dish. The gravy was smooth and savory and had the right amount of black pepperiness.

Fried Chicken

This batch was a little darker and slightly saltier, but still had crispy skin and juiciness.
This is not an elevated version of fried chicken w/Mary’s Chicken & lots of interesting spices. So it can’t be compared to Howlin’ Ray’s. It’s a simple country fried chicken.

We also had the Greens again. Still a little over-cooked and I had to add a little vinegar this time. But the “pot liquor” was still tasty. Beware of the box mix Corn Muffins. If you don’t eat them hot they may remind you a little of sawdust. To round it off, we had the Peach Cobbler. It needed to be re-heated to crisp up the crust and I’m sure the peaches were canned. It was super sweet. But it’s about what you expect from a lot of soul food restaurants and some grandmas’ kitchens. With ice cream, it was a tasty dessert.

Stevie’s is not reinventing soul food cooking. But we’re really liking it. Also, they were really packed. Which can explain the slight inconsistencies.

M2C is still boarded up. I saw the owner at Yummy on San Vicente / Hauser and was tempted to ask her. But was too shy.

Edit: Husband drove by M2C again today. He said they looked open for business. But I just called and the number is still off.

Wait and see…


No shame in that. My “in-house” Creole Chef always has either Trappy’s or Texas Pete at the table for the vinegar-kick most Southern Greens benefit greatly from.


I am so getting that.

Yep! Southern food benefits from brightness “At the table”. That is why you should ask for extra pickles at Gus.



Well, @Chowseeker1999. We had the Fried Chicken again (no picture). It was even saltier and more overcooked.

They’re not set-up for Yelp messaging, so I sent an email… no response. We’ll see if they got the message and improve.

You know I’ve been a Stevie’s Fried Chicken cheerleader. But this may be a case of a great start and that’s all.

Sooo bummed :disappointed:.

Hi @TheCookie,

Ah real bummer. :frowning: Hopefully they can fix the issues in their kitchen, or else, as you say, it’s time to move on. :frowning:

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I don’t know why I don’t eat here more. Run here for this shrimp and grits


Shrimp 'n grits, bro?
WTF is that???
I have no idea what I am looking at but it certainly doesn’t look like any shrimp and grits I have ever seen or eaten…

For reference:
NOLA Style



Is that an awesome blossom chopped up in a bowl? Lol


It’s what you’re eating but with amazing fried onions on top .dope combo!

i should have taken a pic after i slid the panties i mean onions off


This explains a great deal. I first had shrimp 'n grits in LA (I think), so when I ordered it the one time I was in New Orleans, I was like, “And what is this???” when the server put the dish down in front of me.

Dude, TMI…

There are tons of places in LA serving traditional shrimp and grits… there’s even one with a couple of blocks of Stevie’s

The only difference here is fried onion, which you can opt out of