Stock - a new (for me) way to store it

In cleaning out the freezer we found a big bag of chicken necks so I made stock. I always freeze it in two cup portions but there are times I could use just a little bit. So I froze in a muffin tin and then into a zipping bag.


Ice cube trays also work well.

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I’ve seen that rec for herbs.

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My step-mother does this with pesto: I’d not thought about doing it with stock, though. Sometimes I make a fairly intense roasted mushroom “stock” (A little goes a long way) and think I’ll follow your lead. Thanks!


Could you talk about that mushroom stock please?

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Sure, but it’s more a process than a recipe:

Rehydrate 8+ ounces dried mushrooms.
Drain, reserving liquid and solids.
Meanwhile, chop a couple pounds of assorted fresh mushrooms.
Dump chopped fresh mushrooms onto rimmed baking sheet.
Chop the rehydrated mushrooms and add to baking sheet. (If a lot of mushrooms, split between two baking sheets - you want the heat/air to reach the mushrooms so they roast.)
Drizzle with neutral vegetable oil. (Normally I roast with extra Virgin, but don’t want to add any flavor at this point.)
Roast mushrooms at 350-375 until richly brown - check and stir every 10 minutes or so. Time depends on how many mushrooms on pan/how much liquid they contain.
Dump the roasted mushrooms into a pot, scraping in as much of the residual “stuff” off the sheet pan as possible.
Add water to pot, bring to rapid simmer, then reduce heat, cover, and let cook for, er, a while. (Basically it’s a scent thing - hard to explain, but it will smell intensely mushroomy.)
Drain through fine mesh strainer (or can use a coffee filter) pressing on mushrooms to skoosh out as much liquid as possible.
Toss the solids, use the stock as a base for soups, etc.

I don’t add salt, pepper, or aromatics when making the stock - those get incorporated when I make a dish.


Thanks, kiddo.

In proportion to the mushrooms, how much water? Enough to cover? More?

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Hmmm…to cover plus an inch or two (if too much it cooks down, if too little I add some).

This is really freeform: never quite the same due to varieties of mushrooms, amounts, etc. But you end up with mushroom essence, basically.