Stone Crab Pasta with chile and guanciale

Got stone crab claws from farmers market. Husband is no fan of stone crab claws so not sure why he wanted to buy them. Found a crab pasta recipe online so went with that.

Didn’t quite have everything the recipe called for but went for it anyway.

The hardest part was de-crabbing the claws, but luckily not too hard. Needed to get out my crab cracker and crab fork to get all the meat out.

Since I didn’t have lemons on hand, I added some tomatoes for acidity. Also used one of my fatalii peppers from garden. I have one plant that is 3 years old and the heat on the chile seems to mellow each year.

Did have wine, though! :smiley:

Was out of parsley so just used chives from my garden. Mixed in the pasta.

This was more than the sum of its parts! Now I’m hooked on stone crab claws! Husband raved!

Hopefully I can still find the claws at the farmers market!


I love your description/non-recipe! I’m such a recipe follower so you are now my “non” god. Thanks.


Maybe it’s appropriate that my name is semi-diety in the pagan religion of the Nahuatl people. :smiley::wink:

Now I’m inspired to keep posting more recipes! I made one last night that was disappointing and I’m wondering if I should post to see if folks have suggest improvements or I should just forget and move on. Maybe move on, as there was another similar recipe from emeril lagasse that might much be better.

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Share on its own thread. I bet people can help. Keep up the good work!

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We have rock crab here in the Monterey Bay. You only eat the claws the bodies are too small. I find it way more tasty than the Dungeness. I’m not sure how far south you can get them. Keep an eye out for them.

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Will do! Might be a good reason to take a drive up the coast! :smiley: