Street Food: A New Netflix series


“Street Food” carries us to the opposite end of the dining spectrum from the “Chef’s Table” series. But with the same gorgeous cinematography.

Congrats to my man David Gelb and his team! Looks like it’s gonna be another hit!


Has it been released?


Trailer just debuted about an hour ago.
Watch it on Netflix
(Disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in Netflix or the production)

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Coming April 26.


You didn’t invest in Netflix in 2002? smh


Still renting VHS tapes. FML.

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Nice! More opportunities to go hungry while watching!

This Chinese documentary (Flavorful Origins) on Netflix focusing on the food culture of Chaosan (Chiu Chow) is very well done too… the episode of goose and marination/simmered eats is great.


Flavorful Origins was great. I really enjoyed it. Do they do other regions?


“A Bite of China” does a survey of many regional cuisines of China…

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I watched the first two episodes of Street Food last night. Bangkok and Osaka were just terrific. This is very fine filmmaking.

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More places like that first one should get Michelin stars.


every episode has been excellent so far—I just finished the Korean one last night. Even though many of the people featured started cooking out of necessity, their drive, dedication to their craft and hard work at perfecting their dishes is inspiring. I’m really enjoying learning about all of these folks, their culinary traditions and culture. It’s nice break from watching tweezers and tasting menus in pristine settings.