Studio City Recs Needed

i apologize, but i dont know if they deliver.

i think it might be quicker to get to toluca lake than, say, laurel and ventura. but im not sure. that was my thinking in suggesting toluca lake spots.

if im wrong, i apologize to the earth.

There’s also a Honeybaked Ham location there. Not sure if anyone has religious restrictions, but they could get sandwiches or bring back a ham or turkey meal.

No problem. We’re just getting our bearings on our new location (and traffic patterns). Thankfully I’m not the person that’ll be doing lunch pick-ups (I’m chained to my desk lol), so maybe our office mgr. won’t mind going the direction of Toluca Lake. It’s good to have options of food types and close locations. Thanks!

Don’t forget that going into Hollywood is quite fast, so if you can do a 90 minute break all the Hollywood options are in play (or leave for lunch at 11:30).

That’s pretty far east, but my favorites in the Studio City area would be:

Thai - Sri Siam (amazing khao soi, green curry, and crispy rice salad)
Indian - Taste of India Sherman Oaks (terrific but unlikely to deliver to you)
Rodini Park - Fantastic fast casual Mediterranean salads/bowls that also delivers.
HealthyCA - Some of the best salads I’ve had in LA and they deliver.
Lusy’s Mediterranean Cafe - They make a great fattoush with chicken salad.
HOPE - Interesting healthy eclectic menu, including Thai food and lots of other stuff

Dine in
Joe’s Falafel - Love this place. My favorite hummus in the city. I dig their tabbouli and shawarma salad, although it’s not a typical tabbouli. Their laffa wraps are also really good.
Tuning Fork - Great food and terrific beer selection. If you like spicy things, their Light My Fire burger is off the charts. If I worked in the area, I’d be doing lunch here all the time.
Black Market - Great small plates and cocktails. Trout toast for the win.
Mantee - Very good but slightly pricey Lebanese/Armenian food
Jumpin Java - Great breakfast spot. Not sure about lunches

I’m not crazy about Cocina Condesa and I think Barrel & Ashes is putting out some pretty lackluster BBQ.

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yeah, it is—no man’s land. Thanks for the list! looks like some great stuff!

I think UberEats delivers in Studio City. Also Artisan Cheese Shop has wonderful salads and sandwiches.


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I’ve always had a soft spot for Daichan


Since I haven’t seen it mentioned here - Mercado is right where you are. Also Ceremony is growing on me as a happy hour location.

Thanks for the recs! We haven’t had a chance to check out any of these places yet as we’re still getting unpacked and settled in (while working on projects with tight deadlines). So far, we’ve been mostly brown bagging it with some fill-in groceries from Whole Foods (our office mgr is picking stuff up on her way in). But we’re all looking forward to getting back on track with lunch.

If you can believe it, all these months later and we finally did our first group lunch out. Tuning Fork ended up being a very good suggestion! Thanks! I got the club sandwich—massive (I have half in the fridge to take home for dinner) with great quality ingredients and a spicy kick, co-worker got the veggie burger (lentil?) that she really loved, both us chicas got a nice glass of sauv. blanc, boss got the grilled cheese sandwich w/ a stout. We were all pretty darn happy with everything. Nice way to kick off the weekend!