Sunday Lunch Near Pantages Theater

Post-matinee with the teens and tweens. The show ends about 3ish. Any recommendations for a fun Hollywood experience?

Shake Shack is right there.

Thai of course. Luv2Eat (I think dinner is around 430). Yai’s is not too far away just past the freeway.

Middle eastern chicken joints…Al Wazir, Ro Ro’s, and Zankou.

Oaks Gourmet on Franklin.

I have Taste of the Caribbean flagged in Google Maps.

I would take some to-go Thai food and hit up Barnsdall Park for a picnic.

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I checked the website and they having a family art event at Barnsdale Park from 10-12 that day. That might be really fun pre-show! Thanks for the idea.

APL duh


Sandwiches from Gwen are on my radar. I can’t tell if they serve them on weekends though. The butcher shop is open on Sunday so my guess is yes but maybe call ahead.

i found out the hard way that they’re closed on sundays.

Oh, ouch. Gwen would have been perfect!

@tailbacku If only APL were open for lunch, sigh…

Maybe Keith G was right all along.

So Gwen only does sandwiches on weekdays? Thanks for taking one for the team.

Not necessarily a “Hollywood experience” per se, but I would go to Tlayuda

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I think the Roosevelt nearby has a burger joint inside…and it’s been rumored to be a haunted hot spot. The kids may get a kick out of that.

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FYI Gwen stops serving sandwiches like 2 or 3. The meatball usually runs out.

Homestate and Division 3 would be some solid spots for some late breakfast in the area

They told me they’re closed for lunch sundays and mondays

25 Degrees?

Good call. Sonoran hot dog and the Fried Egg Sandwich are awesome. Burgers good too.

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LMAO at the apl suggestion

Pizzeria Mozza or Petit Trois are close by

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I am now musing Musso & Franks. Caesar salad, petite NY, turkey tetrazzini, . A plate of tomato and onions (which are only $9, btw).

Has anyone been lately?

can’t go wrong with Musso’s, elite Hollywood AF

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