Sunday Roast at Wilshire

For those of us who enjoyed Brendan Collins’ cooking at Waterloo & City and/or Birch, he is now the chef at Wilshire Restaurant and the menu features some of his signature dishes as well as several new items (I am intrigued by the peekytoe crab doughnuts). Sadly, the rabbit baklava is not on the menu, at least as yet. Among the “imports” is the Sunday Roast, served from 12-4 only on, well, Sundays. There are three options, sliced roast beef, half roast chicken, or roast vegetables “in the hole” (I presume a variation on Toad-in-the-Hole). The roast beef ($27) came with four decent-sized slices of beef, cooked to the requested degree of doneness, and served with horseradish cream, gravy, three pieces of Yorkshire pudding, a bowl of green peas and roasted potatoes, cheesy cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and carrots. It was all served on a large wooden plank and in bowls and was absolutely delicious. A lot of food, especially for the price. The same accompaniments are served with the roast chicken and the roast vegetables (for which they seem somewhat unnecessary). Oh, and if you are so minded, you can also partake of the bottomless Margaritas, Mimosas, or Bloody Mary’s for $19.


Thanks for the info! The lobster fettucine made it to the new menu!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Sad to learn Birch is no more. Really enjoyed my visits there. That brown butter old fashioned, that pork shank…

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I am pleased to report that the excellent rabbit baklava is now on the menu.