Super Bowl 2018 - Best Chicken Wings?

i am asking about all of these places – when you buy X number of wings, are you getting full wings or just the mini-drumstick and middle sections that they count as a wing? The latter is really half a wing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

From the photos I’ve seen, for example, the wings at Howling Ray’s are the full, real deal.

If you want a “full” wing – go to Sam Woo.

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Oh. Gus is 3pc. Popeyes is also 3pc.

@Ns1 GREAT recommendation! The wings are so meaty and tender and it tastes like real chicken and the batter so light and flavorful. I ate TWO and I’ve only eaten two chicken wings in my entire life. The fried pickles and fried tomatoes were really, really good too. I was a star!