Superior canned goods

What do you keep on hand or splurge on?

This is what brought the subject to mind:

We don’t go through them fast but to me it’s nice to have when you’re making arroz con pollo or insalata russa.

Years ago a girlfriend’s uncle who was in the food industry told me that a company he’d worked for had done a series of tests and found that blindfolded consumers preferred peas from small cans over frozen and peas from large cans, though without the blindfolds they’d pick the greener frozen peas.

Some other staples:

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That’s funny. Those are the peas we ate growing up. I’ll keep some on hand. Thanks.

I really like that stock also.

Ortiz Bonito del Norte White Tuna in Olive Oil 3.95 oz

Add capers, minced red onion, cilantro (or parsley if your prefer). Add a tad more ‘good’ oo and ‘good’ champagne or the like vinegar and s&p.

That’s pretty interesting re: canned peas.
I definitely enjoy the Pomi line of products.
You may want to try the DiNapoli tomatoes. They are quite good, too.

Question please. I’ve never bought these super expensive canned tomatoes. Do you use them for anything calling for ‘canned tomatoes’? Or something more focused on the fruit? TIA

I use them for anything that would cook down into a sauce. I have other applications, too, but nothing “focused on the fruit.”
They are also not super expensive to me. More expensive, yes. But not super expensive.

Yes, the Ortiz tuna is great, as is the Portuguese brand As do Mar. Those are our standard tunas. My daughter served me Costco’s Wild Planet Albacore a while back, and compared to those, the Wild Planet tasted like cat food.

But maybe not with a ‘sauce’ with meat?

Isn’t the price at least double?

LOL. I know. There’s another brand that Costco used to sell of that ilk. I loved it til I ‘graduated.’

Absolutely a sauce with meat.
The cost for this tomatoes may be double, but they are still fairly cheap.

Thanks. You’re converting me :slight_smile:

Make a double batch of the Hazan sauce, half with your usual and half with the Bianca DiNapoli or Pomi. See if it’s worth it for you.
An additional $5 to run the experiment.

Or just trust you!

I also like the Matiz brand and Jose Gourmet for tinned fish.
They are pricier than most tinned fish, so if I’m splurging then it will be for something other than a standard tuna or sardine.
Jose Gourmet has really good mackerel, octopus, and other interesting fish.

I would have tried one of the Bianco DiNapoli pies at Pizzeria Mozza, but none of them included pork products.

I prefer Pomi’s box packaging, more efficient use of shelf space and if I don’t use a whole box I just fold over the top and clip it down. The 750s are $3.29 at Berkeley Bowl, which sometimes has them on sale for 30-40 cents off.

Can you freeze them?

We were in Fred Meyer in Seattle this afternoon and I planned on getting a couple of cans. But they didn’t have it! Will look in Reno when we get back.

Freeze what?