Supermarket Ice Cream

My first job (other than dad’s company) was at Baskin-Robbins. Made $1.15/hr, soon raised to $1.25.


That was my 1st job too.
Still trying to clean the ice cream stains off my proximal forearm.
Jamoca Almond Fudge
Moa Moa Punch Floats!


My sisters first job was at an ice cream place and still to this day she can scoop the most perfect scoops. My scoops look like a pile of dog crap that someone stepped in

yeah I worked at a frozen yogurt shop for 6 months some 20 years ago and I can still make perfect swirls.

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Frozen yogurt some 20 years ago? Penguins?

Supermarket Ice Cream…

IDGAF but I love me some Cherry Garcia!!!

You ever put some some chocolate sauce/syrup over some Cherry Garcia??

Well you should!

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golden spoon

The first job for one of my best friends.

Eddie Murphy don’t care. Skip to 3:37 if you don’t want to see the whole thing (though I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to watch the whole thing)…


Eddie Murphy also has a lot to say about dog crap.

Why can’t you clean up the motherf***in - This aint Scooby Doo, motherf***er! Why can’t you clean the dog? The dog shits all over the house and when no one tells you, Eddie, you dont clean the shit. You let the shit stay forever. This shit has been in the den for six months, Eddie. It has been in the den for six months and when you kids go passed it, you act like you dont see it unless you told you wont clean the shit. The shit is hard as a rock now. It’s like motherf***in furniture in there. I went in there last week to watch the fight and i said “F*** it” and put my drink on top of it, Eddie. It’s a coffee table now! Why cant you clean up shit! My friends came over and go “Oh, that’s lovely” and I was like “That’s not lovely, it’s a piece of SHIT! Cause my children don’t listen!”

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“Stop crying, Eddie, or you can get the f*** out. I know, I know you’re seven. But you’ll be a seven year-old, walkin’-the-dog, no-house motherf***er. So f*** it.”

Sorry not sorry about the thread drift.

That was my sister’s favorite flavor growing up…

Still one of the best. My favorite old school flavors are Haagen Dazs coffee, BnJ Cherry Garcia and BR Jamacoa Almond Fudge. Those flavors are timeless.


Little G Bangin’ Baklava Ice Cream.

Only seen it at Whole Foods in Massachusetts, however.

Thrifty’s ice cream here. That cylindrical gun scooper caused many a cramp during hot summer days when the line was 30+ people long.


Cylindrical gun scooper = best scooper


TJ’s Pumpkin Ice Cream. In fact, I have a container in the freezer still from Thanksgiving. No one ate ice cream last year, and it stayed perfectly, under a plastic seal. I just opened it last week, expecting to toss it. Great texture, great flavor, only available a couple months of the year in the store.

Oh dear. I just realized that this is an LA board post even though it is about supermarket ice cream, and I haven’t lived in LA since 1983. Don’t hate!


Never fear: ice cream unites us all!


You can stack a lot of scoops on top of each other if you’re careful. Just for the heck of it, I’d treat myself once in a while with a 4 or 5 scoop high stack. The tough part was making sure you didn’t crush the cone while pressing down with those extra scoops to secure them properly.


Yes! One of our favorite season items there.

Literally the best $20 pint of ice cream money can buy.
$17 for 10 lbs of dry ice at Smart & Final
$8 for parking since I couldn’t find any spots in the arts district district after 3-4 loops
$11 per pint

We did buy 3 pints for friends since we had all that dry ice. I think the right amount of dry ice is about 5lbs for 3 pints.

The toasted strawberry and white chocolate and ooey chocolate brownie are our favorites. The James coffee and bourbon was very nice. Subtle bourbon flavor.