Supermarket Ice Cream


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Just inhaled a pint of the Magnolia lychee ice cream from Marukai Market…


In high school, I worked at a Carvel ice cream store in Miami (One of three jobs I juggled at the same time).

The owner was kind. We were allowed to make our own quarts and take one home, so I’d make a special triple loaded chocolate chip and then take it to this girl I knew who worked at one of the fast food joints and I would trade it for ton o’food.

Hmmm, even back then I chose salty savory over sweet.


i’m back to my childhood currently eating this russian sweet cream

$1.29 at a Russian shop near you

oh, if we’re talking ice cream sandwiches, I buy a box of these whenever I see them on sale.

Just inhaled a SECOND pint of the Magnolia lychee ice cream from Marukai Market…


I never noticed the Magnolia brand in the case at Marukai! My spidey sense has weakened to embarrassing levels so thanks for the heads up!

Does anyone remember the ice cream sandwiches that Ben & Jerry’s used to make? Really good, dense ice cream, plus a crispy brownie-like outside, rather than the usual air-whipped fake ice cream and soggy pretend-chocolate thing that those usually came with.

My Vons carries Magnolia. I love the ube one.

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Surprisingly, the Tillamook vanilla bean. Sooo creamy and good vanilla flavor! Can’t beat $3.99 for a big tub of it. Especially when you’ve got kids, who will have to buy their own pints of Coolhaus or McConnell’s because mama ain’t spoiling them like that.

On a side note, and don’t ban me for this, Talenti has a great low-cal vanilla-cinnamon gelato. 120 calories for 1/2 cup vs. 300+ calories for their regular flavors. So much better than Halo Top. I don’t understand why people buy that stuff.


Halo Top is really bad. Reminds me of ice cream they’d serve in prison (just guessing since I’ve never been in prison).

Tillamook isn’t terrible. My sister bought a big tub of it for the same exact reason you mention. Birthday party to eat with brownie for my niece’s birthday party. Not spending a lot of money of rugrats.


For standard vanilla I’m also on the Tillamook vanilla bean bandwagon

What does a pint of Magnolia cost on the mainland?

5.99 at the bodega that I go to in midtown Manhattan.

4.99 at the local convenient store near my office in DTLA

No buko pandan?

Is that some kinky s*x act??

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@kevin, is that you again?

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Jesus. $8 in Palmdale.

In before you delete your post.