Surfas, Culver City - News and Updates

Culver City News reported this week that Surfas will be part of the HBO building that is replacing the original location on the National/Venice lot.

The new building will include 45,000 feet of retail space. It is not clear how much of that space Surfas will occupy with their new “food concept” called Best of Surfas. It is also not clear what a “food concept” is.



I am not optimistic. Any tips where to source Valhrona? I really miss the ease of dropping in to Surfas and grabbing chunks of chocolate, knowing it was really fresh.


Well you can go where Surfas got a lot of their stuff…



Thank you. I have been to the Epicure Imports sales, but not yet to the new Epicurus Gourmet. Not as conveniently located, for me, as Culver City, but a good source to remember.

You can make a day out of it. Lots of good food over the hill too! :wink:


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So many different stories about what they were going to do or not do. I tried to get someone to tell me where the baguette and rye bread came from but no luck. The staff remained closed-mouthed. One employee told me they would be fired if they told. Anyone know where it came from (just in case they don’t have it in the “new concept”. Maybe it came from the place you have posted? Too far to drive for bread, though, since I live in Culver City. They had a cheese I haven’t found yet - Vacherousse d’Argental. Tried most of the good cheese places but no luck.

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You might try Drago Bakery for the Surfas Bread. It’s a couple of blocks away tucked behind the Del Taco.

Phone: 310.280.6004

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I’m there. I’ll report back. Thank you.

Go early. I think what they offer is what’s left after wholesale/eatery orders have been filled. I went a few times probably 8-10 years ago - in the early-mid afternoon - and found the offerings pretty slim.

I guess that’s what happened when I went a couple times many years ago. I’ll go early. Thank you.

Hi there, the big bread secret is that TriBeCa Oven in New Jersey supplies the bread for Surfas as well as Zabars Deli in New York!!! It’s par baked and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
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The Vacherouss d’Argental is usually available from Whole Foods Market.


Well, that surprises me. I knew it was par baked but coming all the way from New York? For me that shows the quality of the bread, and it must be a good story about using them in first place. I don’t know TriBeCa Oven but I’m a bit familiar with Zabars. I’m guessing the baguette comes from TriBeCa and the rye bread from Zabars? I never did have the cheese bread. How about the croissants? If I got to Surfas early enough, they were very good.

Thank you for the tip on Whole Foods. I completely forgot about their expansive cheese bar. Sort of stopped going there after my wife and I dubbed them Old Foods. Too many past the date items.

I guess you can’t tell us the secret if you’re opening again and if so, where? Read somewhere that you may open a smaller concept in the same area.

Thank you!


For Cheese, go to Whole Foods Venice. The cheese specialist there, Jake, is amazing!!
The Croissants at Surfas are from Farm Shop. The bakery for Farmshop is located in an offsite facility owned by Surfas.
While the retail operations are closed, the equipment and design sales are still going strong.


@Les_Surfas. We miss you so much in Culver City!

A friend that can barely cook asked me the other day if I knew Surfas was closed. She was sad because she needed a white platter, a cocktail shaker, and she was out of your frozen ravioli. And my brother is still trying to figure out where to get meat and cheese. He doesn’t cook, he “assembles” dinners.

We wish you great fortune and happiness, and hope to see you again soon.


The new place is quite small, but wells stocked for the size. They carry fresh truffles in season. This week they are only $20/oz! You have to order ahead and purchase at least three ounces. Phone # is 818-658-3637, or email them at


Should be giving us all this info??? I’m loving it, but I also feel kind of dirty…

White truffles from Italy @ BHCS = $375 / Oz

From their weekly email,
September 12, 2017 Truffle Pricing
Italian Black Burgundy Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum):

  • $20.00 per ounce
  • Minimum order is 3 ounces

Deadline to order fresh truffles:
Thursday, 1:00pm, for pick up on Friday or Saturday.

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Black Burgundy Truffles are Black Burgundy Truffles .
White Truffles are White Truffles.

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Thank You! We’ll be back soon.
Also if you need pro baking supplies in the meantime, you might want to check out Gloria’s in CC.