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Starting to plan a trip to nyc and will probably only have time for one sushi dinner. I’m considering noz, noda, amane, and sgo (any others?). If you had to pick one, where would you go (paging @Sgee and @BradFord)?

In nyc, i’ve been to ichimura, nakazawa, masa, yasuda, 15 east and enjoyed ichimura the best. Yoshizumi is my current favorite in ca.


I went to all 4 in the same trip. Personally, Noz or Noda. Different atmospheres and experiences. Both sushi chefs are super nice and service is excellent. Nigiri is uniformly great at both. Slight preference for otsumami at Noda - a little less taking risks but delicious all around. Noz has some excellent nigiri, though - aji, akami, squid, langoustine, etc.

In terms of atmosphere, you could feel like you’re in Japan while at Noz. Noda is more opulent noir den… But Little to no hikarimono at Noda. I’ll upload some pics. You can’t do wrong at either. I’m going to say Noz if you want a traditional atmosphere (despite otsumami not being as traditional).

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If it were me I’d pick Noz for sure.

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Thanks @BradFord and @beefnoguy, I was leaning towards noz and you guys confirmed it. From the pictures noz is the most japanese looking sushi-ya I’ve ever seen in the states.


Ditto Noz for sure. Noda is you need a bang-bang. And perhaps Amane too, some recent pics look really good - I think he’s settled in and gaining confidence. I’ve been meaning to make a return visit.

btw Atomix is on fire, having difficulty securing a spot with my tendency to not book ahead.

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Thanks @Sgee. Yep atomix is on the list too.

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First choice: Shoji.
Noz or Amane second choice.