Sushi Love. . . .where do you go to get your fix?

I love places like Sushi Ota…Sushi Yama, Katzra and I like the Fish Market Sushi Downtown…
Need to get up to O’side and try Wrench & Rodent…gawd, I hate that name…:mouse::fish:
Hear it is fantastic…

Where do you like to go around town?

Ota or Tadokoro.

If I don’t feel like driving, then Shino.

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North county, Kaito in Encinitas is definitely top tier. Although lately I have been hearing amazing things about Land and Water in Carlsbad.


The other place that may be the oldest and most traditional sushi house in San Diego is Sushi Dokoro Shirahama. Premium quality at premium prices. Katani-san at Shirahama takes a no nonsense serious approach to traditional sushi. Very quiet in there (chef and patrons). Katani-san is a very skilled and dedicated artisan who takes his craft very seriously. The sushi here is very, very good and very traditional. Better not ask for a California roll or anything with cream cheese or he’ll throw your butt out. He is the Seinfeld “Sushi Nazi” of San Diego

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Definitely Tadokoro.

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I know this will mark me as a total lightweight and obvious but I’ve had two really wonderful meals at Taka in the Gaslamp. In both cases the uni was the best I’ve had and one night they were offering LIVE amaebi.

Tourist laden yes. Overpriced probably. But t always feels like a treat when I go.

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Just as an overall comment on sushi in SD…

The uni in San Diego tastes incredible - I often enjoy it MUCH better than the Santa Barbara variety, when compared head-to-head (or rather… roe-to-roe).

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It’s been awhile but I’ve had decent sushi at Taka.

The amaebi in my pic from Tadokoro above had their tentacles still waving around. Heads were eventually tempura’d and were delicious.

Same with mine at Taka.

There was much consternation from the lady friend.

Wiggling my fingers at her to this day gets me dirty looks.

The other item I’ve had at Taka that ice not seen other places is the Special Battera, which is much like an unusual roll where the components are stacked and pressed instead of rolled. It’s really gorgeous and when I had it, contained some amazing black fish roe that were just salt and ocean-y and delicious.

I wish I had a picture.

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When I lived in Del Mar, used to go to that small place on Camino del Mar…what’s the name of that place…Shirahama?
I like Sushi on the Rocks in Del Mar and LJ too…
Rimel’s place that used to be in the Village was good since he had his own boat…their was a Hawaiian place across from the Cottage but it’s been awhile…

Sushi on the Rock is just LJ and 4S locations now.

The owners of Rimel’s also own Zenbu Sushi in Cardiff/Encinitas as well (LJ Location closed). All their restaurants are supplied by their own seafood company, Ocean Giant Fish Co.

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For a quick sushi fix that wont break the bank, the whole family really enjoys Kappa Sushi in the Mira Mesa Trader Joes shopping complex (NOK Thai here is also very tasty). The quality and preparation at Kappa surprisingly good! Their happy hour in particular is a great deal, with some really fantastic prices on drinks and food. There is an especially large selection of HH eats catagorized by price (i.e. $2.5 items, $3.5 items, $4.5, $5.5, and $9 items, etc.). HH drink specials are also pretty hard to beat with a large pitcher of Sapporo for just $9 and draft pints for $2.75. You can also get a large format bomber (22 oz) of Japanese beer (Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin) plus a small pitcher of hot sake for just $7. It’s usually packed, so go early or plan to make reservations.

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I go to that TJ’s and wondered about Kappa…
Good to know and that they have a decent HH…
I see Board & Brew is in there now.
Have you been to the Brewski place and also the Asian resto at the lower level of the center?

Not a fan of brewskis, but both NOK and Gyu-Kaku are good places. NOK specializes in Thai streetfood. The wife and I have enjoyed NOK the 3 times we have been. Good ingredients, well prepared at a decent price point. But Sab-E-Lee is closer and better in our opinion. Gyu is a Japanese table grill joint. Mostly full of mellenials. But the food is pretty good for what your paying and they have lots of choices. Family likes it, even my vegetarian daughter. We always smell like grilled food though after we leave. Good place for sharing and interactive cooking. Calabanzo a medditereanean place is also there and I hear the food is decent. But with Ala Turca, Yanni’s, Grenadina, and Nado in the area, we havent had the urge to try it.

We sometimes hit up poway sushi lounge or encinitas sushi lounge. Best thing they have working is an ongoing sushi roll war between all the chefs at both locations. Each sushi chef creates their own signature roll and then the one with the biggest sales over a set period of time gets a cash prize, but more importantly bragging rights and possible addition to the regular menu.

I think there is a sushi on the rock “express” in RB, never been though.