Sushi—mid range

Do people have any favorites for a sushi dinner in the $60-75 a person or so range?

K-Zo in Culver City. Pretty excellent mid-price sushi, and they have seasonal fish.

That’s such a hard question to answer because even mid range places will have special fish that can blow out your budget. Also depends on how much you eat -if you get more rolls and less nigiri you will fill up faster.

That said my favorite QPR / mid range sushi are Moto Azabu in Marina del Rey. Mako Sushi in Weller court Little Tokyo. Nagao in Brentwood (good neighborhood spot more casual)

Thanks. All places I didn’t know!

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Sushi Chitose in Redondo Beach is the best QPR for sushi I’ve had in the US. There are $45 and $60 omakase courses. I’ve had the latter and you get some really nice pieces.

Soregashi or Shintaro (both in Hollywood). Without booze, you should be able to do omakases at both for about $75. For Shintaro, be sure to sit at the bar in front of Take-san.

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Seen this place mentioned b/f but have never been. According to the website, it’s closing.

Does anyone have any idea when it’ll close?

I know Nagao is retiring, but i thought he was passing it on to someone else. The itamae are all older Japanese men.

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Kanpachi sushi in harbor gateway near Gardena/Torrance 40 dollar omakase. Great meal usually 10-12 pieces usually filled with older local Japanese ppl. Sit at the sushi bar.

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Where I had my first legit sushi experience in LA many decades ago. Sushi served on ti/bamboo leaves, raw shrimp brain/guts gunkan, exclusively Japanese clientele. I think the original owner/chef has since retired - its been a long time since I’ve been back.

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Same with me about 10-11 years ago just went back a couple months back and still was very good. Hope you make it back for a visit sometime.

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I would highly recommend Sushi Tanaka in Simi Valley. A little bit of a drive, but for $100 omakase for about 14-17 courses. Very much worth every penny and your time to get there. I’ve been to many Omakase in LA with 200-300pp, this place would be just as good. Give it a try, for the price and the quality. It worth the drive.