Sushi Miyagi

really enjoyed my carmakase here the other day @TheCookie, @Chowseeker1999, @JeetKuneBao, @Omotesando, @NYCtoLA

highlights were the crab roll with a very generous amount of crab, torotaku, battera, hotate, aji, kanpachi, and tuna.




kanpachi, onion soy sauce


bakka salmon

aji, ginger


crab roll

off-menu hosomaki




Sushi Miyagi
150 S Barrington Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(323) 382-5635


So happy about this. I could be wrong but it seems like a difficult location to make a go of it.

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Drat, I almost went to Miyagi yesterday for battera, but the day got away from me and they are closed Monday. Oh well, there is always Tuesday. But I’m extremely lazy and the thought of driving all the way north to almost Sunset (even in this traffic) does give me a bit of pause and instead I might just hit Kiriko again tomorrow which is more geographically convenient.

For all who have been to Miyagi, do you think the battera holds up better for takeout than other sushi? I had premade battera last year at an event at Japan House and it was so good and didn’t really suffer from sitting around on big platters and was probably made hours before the event. So battera seems to hold up in a way that regular sushi does not.

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Is it being slimmer and slightly taller what makes it Hosomaki?

By its very design, battera was meant to be sushi nigiri “on the go”. Its vinegar content and density of packing allow each piece to preserve its the original taste, far better than more delicate pieces of traditional nigiri.

I was also at that event at Japan House. Chef Taka Narui’s battera was off-the-hook good.


hosomaki are just edo style thin rolls with one or two ingredients with nori on the outside, i.e. tekka-maki, torotaku, negitoro, anakyu, kappa-maki, himokyu, kanpyo. they’re usually cut into six pieces, except kanpyo which is cut into four.

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Sorry, couldn’t help it.


I enjoyed the nigiri and hosomakis more than some of the chirashi bowls I’ve had recently.

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Lovely pics as always. I enjoyed the saba quite a bit too, and a pretty peek at the saba underneath: