Sushi Nakazawa: Worthy of all the Accolades

It took me about 60 refreshes between my iPhone and lap top to get a spot at the sushi counter (after being shut out the night before) but it was all worth it.

The rice is pristine. The quality of fish amazing. Certain fish marinated and cured to provide different textures. Many fish I have never had before. All superb. Even the coronet fish which I usually don’t like was much better here than anywhere else.

Washed it all down with some 1998 Leroy Bourgogne Blanc off the list at a reasonable price.

I can’t believe how well priced the omakase is. Not only is the quality and quantity better than LA’s finest but cheaper by 20-30%. My mind is blown. Did bonus rounds of the tuna trio, added Santa Barabara uni, and had another piece of the 2nd sushi which was a cured Japanese snapper I’ve never had. The hay smoked bonito was also superb. As much as I like my guys in LA, this is another level.


Thank you for posting this. My meal at Nakazawa was by far one of my best for 2014. I haven’t had anything in LA that quite hits their high marks. The piece of iwashi that I was served just might be the best piece of nigiri that I have ever tasted. Chef Nakazawa’s personable and lively demeanor really added to the experience as well. Your pics are making me long to return.

20-30 percent cheaper! I shall be going there soon…

Getting a seat at the bar is the toughest part.

If you can’t get Nakazawa, Yasuda omakase was also $120 during lunch for 20+ pieces. Ask for the back sushi counter.

Nice report! Tamago looks awesome

Have you been to Tanoshi on the UES? That might be my favorite spot in Manhattan these days for sushi.

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Great report and pictures. I see what you mean about pristine, and I even notice they use the high-quality chopsticks! The uni selection looks divine, too. Nice assortment of fish, and it seems the progression would work well. Was that a tuna handroll, or toro?

How does one get a reservation at the bar? Constantly refreshing at midnight a month before? Can Amex get it for you? How does it compare to Yasuda?

That’s the only way to get a seat at the bar. Amex Concierge.

Just remember your concierge during the holidays. Sometimes it’s nice to be important, but more often than not it’s important to be nice.

Chu toro handroll.

That’s what I did. Refreshed constantly at midnight a month before.

I love me some Yasuda and went the day before. Rice is just as good and the quality of the fish just a touch better at Nakazawa.

Thanks for the response, seeing as how it’ll be my first time in NY, I should try Yasuda first then? Seeing as how it is slightly better and easier to get into.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant to say I think Nakazawa was a touch better.

Make reservations for Yasuda lunch and try for Nakazawa bar for dinner. If you get into Nakazawa it wouldn’t be horrible to do both.

I did some practice runs with my OpenTable app trigger finger prior to getting the date that I wanted. I had to subtract some hours due to living in PST, but I was able to get seats at the bar on my desired date with relative ease. It was a 5:30pm reservation, which I didn’t mind at all.

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Did the same, is it only 5:30 and 9:30 that the restaurant offers? or are people just that damn fast and they get the popular times.

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Is Nakazawa still taking precut slices of fish from his assistance? I enjoyed Nakazawa but preferred the less hectic, less hyped, one man show at Ichimura at Brushstroke. And it’s way easier to get into.

Sat in front of the guy doing the fish cutting (Nakazawa not there that night). Even then the quality was top notch.

Based on this thread, I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi last night. And then I scored 5p reservations for a Wednesday, 9 days out. It was meant to be.

Wednesday means Nakazawa’s working right? :smiley:

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his shift on Wed does not begin until 6pm…


Just kidding! :grin::grin:

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