Sushi Pick Up or Delivery

I happened to be at my computer when @Ns1’s post popped up, so I was able to snag a chirashi. FTC (and just happening to be online at that very minute) saves the day again.


Got a bento for lunch today from Kiriko. A lot of food – I couldn’t even finish it – and a good value. Piece of cooked salmon, three kinds of sashimi, shrimp and shishito pepper tempura (surprisingly good for takeout tempura), rice, tamago, delicious tofu, vegetables and some kind of stewed beef.

I like Kiriko because it’s easy - just call, no reserving a slot like on Tock, so you can have it whenever the whim strikes. Also they have a full menu so you can get whatever you want, as opposed to what the chef may be choosing to serve that day, although today I did go with the chef’s choice bento (with some a la carte sushi).

Ken-san seemed to be working alone today. He took my order on the phone, said he would have it ready in 20 minutes, and when I went to pick it up, he was alone in the restaurant. It was kind of like having a private chef, since everything had just been cooked to order for me.

It was also sobering to see how desperately hard small business people are working to try to keep their businesses alive during this pandemic and not let everything they spent years building go down the drain.

P.S. If you go to Kiriko, do not sleep on the ice cream. It is actually my favorite ice cream in L.A. I like it much better than Antico. It’s got just the right amount of sweetness.


Had an incredible 12-piece sushi takeout from Ikko in Costa Mesa. I’ve been a few years ago for omakase and it was one of the most incredible meals I can remember. I saw that they were doing a takeout special and had to pick one up.

Just about every piece was outstanding in terms of quality and selection, although I didn’t know half of them and would love some help. The yuzu sea bream (top left corner) is familiar, but never does me wrong. Meanwhile, the hotate with crab innards (?) (second from bottom left) was totally unexpected in the best way.

The standout of the meal was the ikura topped shrimp (bottom left corner). Two incredibly meaty and satisfying bites that may as well have been lobster. The ikura was also smaller than I expected, but it worked so well here. The whole experience felt like siu mai reborn as sushi.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the tamago (second from top right). I like the usual expression that’s a sweet, savory cold omelet, and of course the cake-like versions that Chef Sugishita does so well. This one is more like a slice of seasoned steam egg - all savory and no sweet. The inari (top right corner) was much better. I don’t think I’ve had one since I was a kid, and this really took me back.

One of my best quarantine meals so far, and a steal at $39.

Ikko Sushi
735 Baker St
Ste C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626